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Before you heal, it may get worse for a while. When you wake up to the empty space in your bed, when you start to feel his absence in your daily activities, when you miss him so bad and the truth sinks in that he’s gone forever — breathe and remember it will pass. It’s not easy to let go. I know. Letting go of him means letting go of everything you have known and loved for so long. When you’re so used to him that you cannot picture yourself anymore with anyone else, how can it be easy? But darling, it will get better. Breathe and let go, one day at a time. You may not believe me now but you’re going to get through this. You may fall apart at the mere mention of his name, cringe in pain when a song comes on the radio, break down when you find his old pair of socks in a corner of your closet or his pictures on your cellphone, and so on. These little things may break you all over again and convince you that you can never heal. But darling, trust me you will. One day you’re going to wake up and find that you don’t care anymore. So please try to make it easier for yourself and let go of the little hope you have that he might come back. Stop looking him up time and again on social networks, at the cost of opening up old wounds. Stop waiting for a text, a call or a knock on the door, ever ready to forgive. Until you let go of this toxic madness you will find yourself running in circles, unable to move forward. Just breathe and hang on, a little while more. I know you constantly wonder about what went wrong and why he changed. You wonder if it was you and the fact that you love too much, too hard. But darling, that isn’t true. It’s not a bad thing to love in black and white. Love was never made for grey anyway. He just wasn’t right for you. If he was, you wouldn’t have had to beg for his love or affection. If he was, you wouldn’t have stayed up most of your nights crying your eyes out. And if he was right for you, he would have stayed. So let go. He’s not the one. Have faith. And just breathe. Let time do the healing. Words: Michelle Rsung Photo: @ohhcouture
📸 @stephaniegilmore "Happy 100th Anniversay @nikonaustralia !!! I travel the world and see some wonderful things and it's even better that I can capture them on a Nikon camera. This shot was taken on a trip to Madikwe with @ausrhinoproject in South Africa last year. The OG Zebra crossing haha one of my favs from the trip! I shot it on a D750 which is the perfect size camera for my travels, (unless I'm at the beach with a KeyMission170) the quality of images is insane. Congrats Nikon and I'm sure it'll be another 100 successful years ahead!" Thanks for all the birthday love today! Share your favourite photo you've captured on a Nikon with us by using #MyNikonLife #NikonAustralia100.
Sunrise in Siargao Island Photo 📸 @leagoeson #siargao @topdestinationsph 🇵🇭
Incredible Sea Painting!!💙🌊 Remember to Follow us @dailyart for more! Great painting by @vanessamaeart Tag your friends below!👇👇 #Dailyart ⚠No ©Copyright Infringement Intended❌Email (contact) us to fix/removal ℹIf you want to promote your art just check the link in our bio!
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