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This right here is why I work so hard! Nothing is more important than family. I love my wife, daughter and son so much. They have been so supportive these last couple of years as I've put a lot of time and effort into building Cutting Edge Physiques and I've been so blessed and fortunate yet at the same time I always feel like I'm just getting started and have so much more to do and so many more people to help... long and personal post below--- - - - - I'm at a point where it's harder and harder to find balance as I am coaching more people, working to create more content and help and reach more people than I ever imagined was possible. I still work a full time day job and I love my job but it will never be as fulfilling as helping people change their lives, compete in their first bodybuilding show, gain confidence in the gym or love the skin they are in for the first time. Almost nothing compares to that and the relationships and sincere friendships I create with my clients. - - - -But with time being such a limited commodity, I'll eventually need to quit my day job to get more balance back in my life and be able to spend more time with my family. I always want to instill a strong work ethic in my children but I don't want to lose sight of the importance of spending time together and being there for them. - - -It's a tough spot as I've been working for either a company or the Marines since I was 17, so taking that leap to work for myself (even if I shouldn't have any issues financially) is still a little scary or terrifying depending on how you deal with stress hahah. Regardless, I'm a positive person and extremely thankful for the support that I've received. I just wanted to say thanks again! On another note, I'm still not 100% sure when that last day will be but it will be soon and on another note @maxhypetraining is coming out on May 1st! - #cuttingedgephysiques #family #familyfirst #tgif #thoughts
Just wrapped #ballers and have one week before I start shooting #Rampage, so I had to scoop my lovely ladies up and got away to my farm to recharge, recalibrate and reset. We have an excellent program on our farm (created by my bud and equestrian Olympic athlete Will Coleman) that trains thoroughbreds in Eventing (dressage, stadium jumping and cross country). Every time we come home to Virginia, we always have a whole new gang of some of the best conditioned, beautiful (and bad ass;) horses on the planet. Here Jasper and Zipp are clearly attracted to my alpha musk.. which translates to I haven't showered in 12hrs since I worked out at 4am. #AFewOlCountryBoys #Recharge #ThoroughbredBonding #AlphaMusk #MyFarm ⚓️
OMFG DUBLIN 🙌🏻 you guys were fucking unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're COMING BACK FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were so loud you raised the roof!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for an AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! Drinks are on me next time 😎😎😎 #exposedtour
Cheeeese 😁 happy Monday everyone
When you get together with friends and a camera and start rolling around in the grass... @mikluxon @kaitywilliams @bgirlmisslee @bluecloudranch @samys_camera
Oğlumm. Gördğmde şarıl şarıl ağladımm sizi @ersayuner @busrapekin
My favorite colors are: Black, Dark Black, Pitch Black, Pastel Black, Light Black, Faded Black. 🖤 🐍
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