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http://brandfuge.io/mariavittoriamartinisWave after

Wave after wave 🏖🌊💁🏼

  • Sei meravigliosa 😘
    21-Apr-2017 17:24:51 PM
  • 🍀 ....
    21-Apr-2017 17:31:27 PM
  • Ma che bella mussi !
    21-Apr-2017 17:37:32 PM
  • 😄😄👍
    21-Apr-2017 17:42:42 PM
  • Sei stupenda 😘
    21-Apr-2017 18:37:13 PM
  • @valetandra14 Grazie Mussi bella 😍😍 ti verrò a trovare ♥️
    21-Apr-2017 18:59:39 PM
  • @eleonora_benny grazie Benny 💕💕💝
    21-Apr-2017 18:59:57 PM
  • 😍😘
    21-Apr-2017 20:45:02 PM
  • @esmebi Esmeeeee💙💙💙💕
    22-Apr-2017 12:46:44 PM
  • @bettamolinari Betta 💗💗💗💖
    24-Apr-2017 17:16:28 PM
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By positioning her foster grandson and labradoodle, Reagan, along the reflective waters of the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, Sandi Swiridoff ( @reagandoodle) was able to capture two meanings within the #WHPreflections theme. “The practice of yoga encourages us to reflect back on our own lives,” she says. Photo by @reagandoodle
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“My first modeling contract was in Japan when I was 13,” says model, photographer and TV and radio personality Brandise Danesewich ( @antimodel). “I’m Canadian, but I spent the majority of my youth in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia before moving to New York, and later settling in Los Angeles. I was generally the black sheep, punk outcast among my modeling peers, so I quickly discovered music and photography as a refuge. I realized I could intimately access all my favorite worlds with a camera. My work flow is a little unconventional, but luckily it works for me and the way I see the world. I grew up in the last generation before the smartphone era, so I make prints and often re-photograph the prints, or even photograph my monitor or the back of my camera, adding in window light, artificial light sources, reflections, animate and inanimate objects. A few years ago, I left LA for Palm Springs, California. I have always had an undeniable magnetic attraction to the desert — it’s a magical place. I spend more time on the road than at home and use the desert as a basecamp. I was born with sand in my veins. The desert is a great place to both come back to and to leave.” #WhereIComeFrom Photo by @antimodel
Jak widzieliście na snapie, zdążyłam pokochać serię "Czerwonej Królowej" tak, że przeczytałam pierwszy tom w 1 dzień 😂 Naprawdę mogę polecić ❤ Niedługo biorę się za kolejne tomy! @moondriveksiazki 👌🏻
Today, we’re introducing two new features in Direct: landscape and portrait orientations, plus links. Now, whenever you send a permanent photo or video to your friends in Direct from your camera roll, you don’t have to worry about cropping it. We’ve also added support for links in Direct. You can share website links with friends and preview them directly from your thread. You’ll also see links for phone numbers and addresses. Since introducing the new Instagram Direct in April, we’ve been excited to give people more ways to have fun, visual conversations. We’ll continue to make improvements to Instagram Direct throughout the year. Landscape and portrait uploads in Direct are available today on iOS, with Android coming soon. Links in Direct messages are available today on both Android and iOS as part of Instagram version 10.22.
"Wysłałam serce na urlop. Bezterminowy. Odzyskałam szacunek. Przywróciłam honor. I wróciłam. Silniejsza i odkochana." 🙆😎 #polishgirl #woman #strongwoman #goodtime #femmefatale #friends #vsco
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Dobra to zasady konkursu są takie: 1. Zrób zdjęcie swojego uśmiechu 🙂 2. Dodaj hastag #pięknyuśmiech 3. Polub profil na instagramie kliniki @ortho_esthetica oraz @aleksandrazuraw i 4. Zostaw komentarz pod zdjęciem. Do wygrania trzy wizyty w klinice na pełną higienizacje zębów 🙂 losowanie zwycięzców już 2 czerwca ! https://youtu.be/sujZYjGADDA
😂😂😂 #vintage70s
@bulgariofficial Press day for my new "Goldea: The Roman Night" Perfume Campaign launch tonight! #GoldeaRomanNight
i hope see this smile soon... #prayformanchester🙏❤️ #prayforariana
#ad 🌞 Excited for what's to come with @vogueeyewear !!!! #showyourvogue
Buziaki na dzień dobry z planu "Recepty na miłość" ! :))) #kręcimy #nowy #serial #receptanamiłość #dzieńdobry
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