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If I was on that bus, I would've clapped for you
im rewatching guardians of the galaxy 2 bc my little sister had never seen it and im hype
In support of #BooksForKids campaign, I will be taking over IG account @dymocksbooks today ♥️ Join me now to discover my all time favourite books, where I came from and what inspires me. xo Lang #dymocks #books
Depois de tantos pedidos, temos uma novidade: vamos publicar o box da série "Para todos os garotos que já amei"! O box com a trilogia completa incluindo os livros e pôster exclusivo com autógrafo da autora para os fãs brasileiros chega às livrarias em setembro para celebrar a participação da autora @jennyhan na @bienaldolivro. Gostaram da novidade? #livros #books #euamoler #Intrínseca
Some Morning Motivation from our beloved @therock ! ・・・ Sometimes the goal we've worked our ass off for years is never achieved. Then years later we look back and realize, it's the best thing that NEVER happened. #HappyBookMorning #motivation #inspiration
Essa edição é linda demais 😍 . . Siga-me: @thiagols11 #harrypotter #harrypotterbrasil #jkrowling #rocco #book #books
Perhatian!!! Perhatiaann!!! Promo LANGKA segera berakhir 😱😱😱 . HALO BALITA diskon 30% FREE kaos anak #emkiddo hanya sampai jam 2 siang hari ini yaaah . Kapan lagi beli Halo Balita aja dapat diskon 30% plus masih ada gratisaan Tshirt #emkiddo berteknologi Augmented Reality 3 dimensi. Daaan masih free ongkir pula buku seberat 18kg se Indonesia Raya!!! 😱😱😱 . #HaloBalita loh, iyaa buku bestseller yang jarang2 diskon iniiiiih... biasanya kalopun diskon kudu beli 2 atau 3paket. Ini sepaket doang mak! Eh sisa 2 hari aja loh diskonnya pan cuma 3 hari doang dari kemaren 😁 . Awas yaaaa kalau besok2 nanya "halo balita kapan diskonnya sih? Kok gak pernah diskon?" Naaaah jewer deh.. pas diskon gini dianggurin sih 😂 . Betewe augmented reality apaan lis? Waduuuh ciyus belon tau mak? Wapri @brilliantkidzone gih buruan 😘 . Promo super dahsyat bikin kepala kliyengan pagi2 yeeee 😅 jadi jangan sampai terlewat yaah 😝 . . . KHUSNUL - BRILLIANT KID ZONE MDS Book Advisor WA/Line 085646763855 BBM D7345281 . #Books #Bookforkids #BukuAnak #BukuAnakMuslim #BukuAnakIslami #Bookstagram #childrenbook #picbook #ceritabergambar #bercerita #jualbukuanak #bukuanakmurah #halobalita #funtasticlearning #arisanhalobalita #wowamazingseries #wowamazingseries #bayilucu #arisanbuku #1000bukudalam3tahun #selebgram #bayiindonesia #montessoriathome #confidenceinscience #trustedolshop #trustedseller #brilliantkidzone
“Ele tinha a natureza de Deus, mas não tentou ficar igual a Deus. Pelo contrário, aniquilou-se a si mesmo, tomando a forma de servo, fazendo-se semelhante aos homens. E, vivendo a vida comum de um ser humano, ele foi humilde e obedeceu a Deus até a morte — morte de cruz.” ‭‭Filipenses‬ ‭2:6-8‬ 😍😍😭😭 Aleluia! Glória a Deus 🔥 . #Deus #Jesus #EspiritoSanto #divinapalavra #amor #Cristo #Bíblia #books #cristianismo
Happy Thursday morning! How about a #bookbed to start you day? ☺️ Throwback to when Ralph managed to lay down on a row of books on the floor. Unedited. (That's a lie. There's a filter in each.) 100% real. No books were harmed whatsoever. This is why you buy hardcovers. We're planning to do this again soon. 😁
There's 20% off + free worldwide shipping on all totes, mugs, notebooks, pouches, laptop sleeves, and phone cases for the next 7 hours! Don't miss out! Link to store in bio! 🎉 . "Traveling the world one fantastic creature at a time!" design on a tote bag! It's also available on clothing, mugs, phone cases, totes, pillows and much more! 📷 by @meredith.mara 💖Don't forget to tag your photos of my products with #bookwormboutique so I get to see them! ☺️ link to Society6 store in bio!
This fab photo is by @bookshunter_sol 💖 Don't forget to tag your photos to #bookstagramfeature, so we can share them ☺️ - Lauren ( @bookwormboutique) 💖
I'm gonna try to talk my mom into letting me get a piercing - I wonder if I could talk her into getting one with me. ❤❤ . . . . . . . . . . . .Snapchat: Quietlyoli Twitter: Quietlyoli Instagram: Quietlyoli Musically: Quietlyoli Tumblr: Quietlyoli YouTube: Quietlyoli Crisis Text Line (Text "Connect" to "741741" to talk to a trained professional) American based service for anything on your mind that may cause you pain. #writing #writingprompts #writer #writers #writermeme #writersmeme #writermemes #writerofinstagram #writersofinstagram #book #books #bookmemes #novel #novels #novelmemes #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #Nonbinary #genderfluid #genderless #bisexual #pansexual #transgender #pride #lgbtpride #MtF #FtM
GIVEAWAY: How To Find Love In A Bookshop (spotted here in the window of @macdonaldbooks!) tells the story of Nightingale Books, a bookstore at the center of a quaint community, and how it changes the lives of the readers who frequent it. Tag your favorite bookstore in a comment below for the chance to win a copy! 📚 . US only. Five winners will be randomly selected. All comments must be posted by Sunday 8/27 at 11:59PM. For full rules:
"Is there anything more heartbreaking than drowning in sight of land? Is there a single one of us who hasn't at least once felt haunted by the fear of slipping away within sight of a safe haven?" - Carsten Jensen . We, the Drowned has been on my tbr for what feels like eternity and I finally got around to buying it a few weeks back. The cover is beautiful and I love books that are set at sea 😍 I'm hoping to buddy read it with @therusticwindow when she has the time 😉😘 . SYNOPSIS: . "It is an epic drama of adventure, courage, ruthlessness and passion by one of Scandinavia’s most acclaimed storytellers. In 1848 a motley crew of Danish sailors sets sail from the small island town of Marstal to fight the Germans. Not all of them return – and those who do will never be the same. Among them is the daredevil Laurids Madsen, who promptly escapes again into the anonymity of the high seas. As soon as he is old enough, his son Albert sets off in search of his missing father on a voyage that will take him to the furthest reaches of the globe and into the clutches of the most nefarious company. Bearing a mysterious shrunken head, and plagued by premonitions of bloodshed, he returns to a town increasingly run by women – among them a widow intent on liberating all men from the tyranny of the sea. From the barren rocks of Newfoundland to the lush plantations of Samoa, from the roughest bars in Tasmania, to the frozen coasts of northern Russia, We, The Drowned spans four generations, two world wars and a hundred years. Carsten Jensen conjures a wise, humorous, thrilling story of fathers and sons, of the women they love and leave behind, and of the sea’s murderous promise. This is a novel destined to take its place among the greatest seafaring literature." . What are your favourite settings for a book? I love forests and oceans and strange, little towns 🙈
Not a period drama, but I thought you all would enjoy this Cosplay I did! Had a great time dressing up as my sassy and sophisticated childhood role model today, Nancy Drew, today. Nancy is still a wonderful role model for girls today, with her smarts and good heart. The books, games and movie will always have a special place in my heart. (Thanks to my friend for being my George Fayne👏🏻) Hey, if there is ever a Nancy Drew TV show... #FaithasNancyDrew 👌🏻🔍 SERIOUSLY THOUGH, if anyone wants to repost these pictures with that hashtag, that's quite fine (and appreciated) by me😂 #illbesohappy
books & green 1 First one of books and green. I gonna do a series about this theme,wish all of you will enjoy it!❤️ #succulents #succulentplant #succulentsonly #succulentlife #books #bookshelf #bookclub #booklover #librarybooks #watercolor #watercolorsketch #watercolorist #watercolorblog #miniatures #miniart #houseplant #houseplantlove
[ Curiosidades: Kiera Cass 👑] - - Hello meus amores! Hoje trago para vocês, algumas curiosidades sobre a Diva Máster Kiera Cass, autora da série bestseller "A Seleção", publicada no Brasil, pela Companhia das letras, no selo Seguinte 💙 - - 📘1: A autora é formada em Teatro Musical, na "Coastal Carolina University". Logo em seguida resolveu mudar o curso e passou a fazer Música na "Radford University". Ainda não satisfeita, mudou novamente, desta vez para Comunicação. E para Finalizar, formou-se em história. (Se existir alguém mais indeciso do que a tia Kiera, eu desconheço haha). - - 📘2: Kiera mantém um canal no YouTube, onde fala sobre seu dia a dia, suas obras já publicadas, e outros diversos assuntos. Sempre mantendo seu bom humor. - - 📘3: Ela é apaixonada pelo ator Robert Pattinson, mais conhecido pelos trabalhos em Harry Potter ( Cedric Digory) e o vampiro Edward Cullen, em Crepúsculo. - - 📘4: Kiera afirma que sempre foi a 'esquisita' do colégio, não ligava para suas vestimentas e era taxada como palhaça. Mas mesmo assim mantinha amigos verdadeiros e Carinhosos. - - 📘5: Nasceu em 19/05/1981, na Carolina do Sul, EUA. - - 📘6: Foi indicada ao prêmio: Goodreads Choice Awards de Melhor fantasia e Ficção Científica Young Adult. - - 📘7: Kiera diz que beijou aproximadamente catorze garotos em sua vida, mas que nenhum deles era um príncipe. 😂 - - E aí. gostaram desse estilo de post? Deixem suas opiniões e comentem os autores que vocês querem que eu traga as curiosidades 💙 - - Beijão 👑 ~LT . . . . . #romance #libraria #livraria #library #estantedelivros #leiamais #lendo #livro #book #books #booklover #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookworm #bookporn #bookstagram #instabook #instalivros #libro #libros #amoler #livros #livroseleitura #read #lendo #ler
Mais uma para coleção! #sigahb #detodasasflores
a flip through of the month of august in my bullet journal is live on my booktube! click the link in my bio to watch 😊 •
Social justice taken in isolation is only charity. "Being left or right should not be an encouragement to your individuality ... The main political position should be of transformations for the values ​​of humanism, democracy and social justice to triumph, never your ego Or individuality.The world lives in dependence on self and on the other. 📚🎓👓🌍 . . . . #books #book #read #reading #reader #page #pages #paper #instagood #kindle #nook #library #author #bestoftheday #bookworm #readinglist #love #photooftheday #imagine #plot #climax #story #literature #literate #stories #words #text
🌛QOTD: what's your favorite type of bookish merch ?? . Hello everyone !💙 To answer the question above , since joining bookstagram I've pretty much become obsessed with things that I didn't put much thought into before 😂 My love for candles for instance has definitely grown a lot ! 😉 ✨Also, friendly reminder that you can use LULUMOON to save 15% on your @acourtofcandles order ! I highly recommend this gorgeous Princeling candle , it's beautiful , glittery and smells amazing !💙 . . . . #bookstagram #bibliophile #amreading #bookworm #booklove #booklover #goodreads #bookaddict #booklr #bookshimmy #instabooks #igreads #booknerdigans #ireadya #yalit #youngadult #yareads #becauseofreading #bookishfeatures #bookish #bookdragon #bookishpics #bookstagrammer #booknerd #bookstagramfeature #books
Gentle reminders w. a dear favorite @isra.althibeh 🌻 #writercrushwednesday
Printed Books VS Ebooks? What do you prefer? 📖📱
》 "And though she be but little, she is fierce!" - William Shakespeare ---- 》 Happy Birthday to Clarissa Adele Fray Fairchild Morgenstern! Hopefully one day we'll be able to tack a Herondale on there so let's hope Cassie doesn't kill her off... *smiles nervously* . 》 This little red head showed up on the scene 10 years ago when she was 16 and now at 26 she is still kicking ass! Cannot wait till the next TDA to see how this biscuit is doing! . 》 #HappyBirthdayClary
Hey look, it only took me 29 seconds to redo my bookshelves! 😄 . I've been wanting to do a timelapse video of setting up my bookshelves for a loooooong time. I was inspired by @headinherbooks and @alittlebookworld when they did it (a million years ago) and now, with an entire WALL of shelves, I present to you...Nadine's new library. *squeal* . How many Harry Potter sets do you count? 🙈 . #bookshelfie #timelapsevideo #booksbooksbooks #bookworm #booknerd
🇬🇧A promise is a promise... and we reached 2k so here you have the giveaway! THE PRIZE IS A PERSONALZED @SEVENCOLORSBOOKS BOX! The giveaway will be open from today till September 27th, 12.00 AM. I will announce the winner the same day and the giveaway is open for whole EUROPE! I'm sorry, but the shipping to Latin America is too expensive and I'm the one paying. There will be an international one soon anyway! To enter: 1⃣ Follow me on Instagram. 2⃣ Do 💜 this picture. 3⃣ Follow me on YouTube (link in bio) 4⃣ Comment tagging two friends (real people, not famous) and tell me three things you like (for example: Shadowhunters, tea and Harry Potter. I will use this info for making the box) 🔴 BONUS POINTS: ▶ Share the giveaway on Stories and tag me (+2) ▶ Follow @sevencolorsbooks (+2) ⚠ IMPORTANT ⚠ ⭕ Only ONE comment per person ⭕ No giveaway accounts ⭕ Extra points only count once. I hope you really like it and thank you so so much for every single comment, 💜, or private message. Your feedback feels incredible! 🇪Lo prometido es deuda y como ya somos 2K… ¡Sorteo! EL PREMIO ES UNA CAJA DE @SEVENCOLORSBOOKS PERSONALIZADA. El sorteo estará abierto desde hoy hasta el 27 de septiembre a las 12:00 AM y ese mismo día anunciaré el ganador. El sorteo está abierto para toda Europa. Lo siento, pero los gastos a Latinoamérica son demasiado caros y corre por mi cuenta. Pronto habrá otro internacional. Para participar: 1⃣ Seguirme en Instagram 2⃣ Dar 💜 a esta foto 3⃣ Seguirme en Youtube (link en bio) 4⃣Comentar etiquetando a dos amigxs (personas reales y no famosos) y comentar tres cosas que os gusten (Por ejemplo: Cazadores de sombras, té y Harry Potter. En base a eso haré la caja) 🔴PARTICIPACIÓN EXTRA: ▶ Compartir el sorteo en stories mencionándome (+2) ▶ Seguir a @sevencolorsbooks (+2) ⚠ IMPORTANTE ⚠ ⭕Solo un comentario por persona ⭕No cuentas giveaways ⭕ Los puntos extra sólo cuentan una vez. Espero que os guste mucho y millones de gracias por cada comentario, 💜, o mensaje privado. Tener vuestro feedback es increíble.
PREACHHH!! Although I already have a bunch of guys.. They r just stuck in books... Whoops :)))) #books #bibliophile #bookworm
My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line. What was I comparing this universe with when I called it unjust? // C. S. Lewis #MereChristianity × I am not here to preach but I had similar thoughts with this quote I got from this book. Have you read this? × What has been the biggest question you have had in your life? There are no wrong answers. I'm curious. × Mine has always been WHY AM I HERE? ♥️ A question that is being answered daily, bit by bit, moment after moment. 🐻 × × × [ #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookish #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #bookporn #bibliophile #books ]
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