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While they where doing this did they hold hands if they did I will be so happy
Bruce the chihuahua sleeping like always
another successful year, thx for Hang(ing) Out w/ me! It was lit ✌🏼️
Brekky at @thecoffeeclub yesterday! I couldn't just mention it, I had to post it. It was a masterpiece 🙌🏼 I ordered the smoked salmon & avo stack but replaced the bread and cottage cheese with fresh spinach and an extra egg 🥚🍳 oh and a long black with some almond milk ☕️ AMAZING! #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #motivation #fitness #fitgirls #fitspo #fitnessinspiration #foodphotography #paleo #listentoyourbody #getactive #girlswholift #fitfam #fitnessgoals #fatloss #weightloss #progress #paleo #listentoyourbody #eatclean #staylean #getlean #workout #stayfit #happy #hiit #cardio #lifting
back in my element :: one week down, a whole summer ahead ☕️🌄💻
Super busy weekends call for a relaxing Sunday afternoon with a big bowl of pasta🤗🍝 + couch all day hehehe✌🏼 I made the sauce by adding a bottle of tomato passata in a pot on the stove and cooking it with veggie stock, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast and chilli flakes! I then added some soaked textured vegetable protein (resembles 'mince'), spinach and olives🌱💖 Served on top of some pasta (duh) with lots of nooch on top ~ from my local @thesourcebulkfoods - @thesourcebrunswick My boyfriend and I have very happy bellies💁🏻 Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Lots of love, Ev xox #vegan #pasta #yum
Oh. Mon. Dieu. Cette chose est la meilleure découverte que j'ai pu faire depuis un bon moment. C'est de la Mozzarella, et en plus elle vraiment énorme puisqu'il y en a 400g. Je suis juste heureuse et c'est le meilleur fromage que je n'ai jamais goûté, et je dois dire que ça fait chaud au cœur de voir un petit rayon avec ces produits à Geant 🙏🏽💕 #vegan #veganproduct #veganmeal #veganfood #veganmozzarella #vergie #instafood #instavegan #instapost #dailypost #fitnesslovers #eatcleantrainmean #eatfoodnotfriends #montpellier #youtube #post #instagram #instagirls
woooo it's yo bday
Had a productive Saturday clearing out the garage to make more space to work out! Two trips to the skip later and I've got tons more room! Who needs new gym wear for motivation when you can have a new space?!?! (Although I still really really want some Lululemon gym pants but my bank balance says no 😢😢😢) #bbgweek6 #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #bbglondon #bbguk
had to do it
New long sleeves are online and flying out the door! Get in quick 👑❤️
📚 OMG. Sooo much yes! Homegirl @jensincero just gets it. She and I are totes besties, she just doesn't know it. 😂💁 Loved every bit of badassery that is this book! So pumped! 😎🤓💪
Okok one more post. 😬 I had such a great time yesterday. The enthusiasm and energy backstage is unreal, which made for such a good day. Although i didn't come home with any gold medals, the support i received from a huge amount of people made me feel like a winner. (I know super cheesy 😁) I am very blessed to have so many supportive friends, family, coaches, and the lovely ladies ive met through this prep and even on show day. Thank-you @npaasport for putting on such a good show! And congrats to the lovely ladies that all placed so well! - - - - - - - - - #npaasport #npaa #womensphysique #fitness #yyc #yycfitness #weightlifting #gym #bikinicompetitor #love #fitfam #bikinicompetition
✨ SO SO excited to have been featured on @kayla_itsines page last night ✨ I was really shocked at how many negative comments were posted. This community is honestly so supportive and I've made so many friends through it so I don't know 🤷🏼‍♀️where all these haters came from. A little bit about me & my fitness: I have a serious heart problem and brain aneurysm - I have never spoken about this on here. When I was first diagnosed, I was banned from all exercise as it was too dangerous for my body. I have had years of hospital appointments and tests to get my medication to a point where I can enjoy and participate in exercise again. My point is, you don't know what people have gone through and negativity is no good for anyone! Thank you to all the AMAZING comments and messages I received, they really made my day and YOU ALL DA BEST!!!!😁💜
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