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ich weiss leider nicht mehr wie aussiehst, kenn nicht deinen namen, scheissegal! besoffen!🥂🍷🎉
Comfy day ☁️ 💜tejidos en 100% algodón. Chompa Liana en Ivory disponible en @aikonpe
Current Mood: Happy B-Day @brandicyrus & congrats on your show launch! BIG day! Love you soooo much! 🦄PS as you slide thru these next few photos it will become very clear as to why I no longer drink! LOL! (Or maybe why I should start again.... J/K 🐬) Always the best time when I am w my big sis! Xoxoxoxoxoxox
🍽 bueno, como verán tengo bolsas en los ojos y ojeras.🙈😥
@shusaku1977 | vermeer + jolie | DM to submit #thetaxcollection
Was so happy to sing "Inspired" today for the amazing fans who waited all night in the rain @todayshow #SummerConcertSeries!! I wrote this song a few days before going out to campaign for Mrs. @hillaryclinton & was inspired by the stories she told about the relationship she had with her hard working father which always reminded me of the valuable lessons my dad @billyraycyrus taught us .... Never give in... Never Give Up... I'll never forget his favorite saying "A trying time is no time to quit trying" This is a song for #HopefulHippies everywhere with a vision of unity and no more divide! No success or failure ..... no light or dark .... no truth or lie ..... just PEACE , LOVE , COMPASSION , & JUSTICE for all! I hope you feel inspired! @happyhippiefdn 🌊💙🌊💙 Can't wait for everyone to hear my record later this year!
@todayshow Thank you for havin me this mornin #Malibu !!!! The fans made me feel sooooo much better 🌊💙🌊💙 Can't wait to have a couple days to rest up and then I'm back on the road for some more radio shows!
#Malibu @todayshow 🌊💙🌊💙 Back in the top 5! Thank you so much! Looooove you!
Passin out flowerzzzzz 💐🌸🌼🌺🌷 @todayshow #Malibu out everywhere!
Hallo Zusammen, uns hat es erwischt! 🤕🤒 Das erste Mal, dass es uns ALLEN gleichzeitig schlecht geht! Ich kann mir schöneres bei 34 Grad vorstellen!😞 So bald die ganze Familie wieder gesund ist, folgen Videos! ❤️ #krankseinistdoof #familienleben #mandelentzündung
👛119.90 TL👛 ✂️Model kodu---7575 📌Kırmızı ve yeşil V yaka güpür elbise ✔S M L beden 💳 Kapıda NAKİT veya KREDİ KARTI ile ödeme 📞Sipariş ve bilgi için 0532 455 70 10 🚚 Kargo Bedeli 9 TL dir. #indirimzamanı #indirim #indirimliürünler #indirimdekiler #keşfet #butik #urunumusatiyorum #kıyafet #butik #müşterimemnuniyeti #yeniyontem #instasize #keşfet #ürünümüsatıyorum #musterimemnuniyeti #adana #istanbul #eskişehir #ankara #mersin #giyim #mezuniyetelbisesi #abiye
We are so excited to show you guys our first fashion brand JIMO71 this summer! Please check our shop and Instagram page for lots of cool news coming soon!✨🤗 @j1mo71
The only kind of #MondayBlues i miss having!
Happy birthday @thecameronboyce - love you man.
Full hearts / Can't lose. #Telluthere17
건강하길! 😭
すっかり夏気分🏝 しっとりもっちりのシフォンケーキに、パイナップルソースをトッピング🍍🍍🍍 #パイナップルシフォンケーキ #アイスコーヒー #スターバックス
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