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Here’s a #Beastly lower back stretch! 👹This QL stretch is expanding upon the door variation we have done in the past. I like using the rings💍, TRX, or rope to do this QL stretch because you get so much more control and you can get deeper into the stretch. This exercise may also stretch the lat, oblique, glute medius, TFL, and peroneal depending on the angles📐 you make and how tight you are. Try to hold each side for 30 sec - 2 minutes. Focus on deep and controlled breathing💨… and RELAX! . . Cues for stretching the right side: 1️⃣Stand tall with the rings/TRX/Rope/etc in hand and overhead. Make sure that the attachment point is on your left side. 2️⃣Cross your left leg in front of your right leg. 🔀 3️⃣Slowly shift your right side of your hip to the right➡️, dropping it to the floor. 4️⃣Your hands and arms will shift to the left and your right arm will cross in front of your face. 5️⃣As you drop the hips lower, you create some rotation and flexion in the lower back, stretching that right QL. 6️⃣Use the leg that is crossed over for support🔩 so that you don’t fall. 7️⃣The straight leg should be fairly relaxed. 8️⃣While holding the stretch, play with trying to rotate 🔄the hips and torso to find different stretches. This may require you to also shift your hands overhead. . . This stretch can be done by holding onto a doorway 🚪as well, but again, I find this method to provide more freedom. -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️Got back pain? We’ve been there! Click the link in our bio or go to to sign up for the free webinars next week.🌟Learn about the MoveU Method. Get back to an awesome and active life! Or don’t…⚡️ . . #MoveU #TheBackPainGuys #Education #Sport #Therapy #Fitness #Fitfam #fitspo #Backpain #lift #carlsbad #StickMobility #LuLuLemon #VivoBarefoot #Onnit #Hyperice #stretch #noexcuses #Strength #joint #lol #silly #mobility #posture #hardwork #QL #QuadratusLumborum #TRX
This "Brain Pulsation" is because of cerebrospinal fluid circulation. An amazing shot to see! Mention your friends to see this. Follow us @medshots for more
Ouch! A pectoralis muscle tear after bench pressing an intense amount of weight! 💪😫 . Ruptures of the pectoralis major muscle are becoming a common injury due to the increase in popularity of power sports and weight training. The most common physical examination symptoms are bruising and swelling as is shown in the picture. The muscle may also 'bunch up' and deform. . The rupture of the sternal and clavicular parts of the Pec Major, with the muscle retracted, are the parts that give the 'bunched-up' appearance on the outside. The parts that may tear/rupture of the muscle are the following: Tendon rupture off the humerus bone (MC), Tear at the junction of the muscle and tendon, Tear within the muscle belly itself, and/or muscular tearing off the sternum (very rare). . Let's talk about the grades and some of the treatments of a Pectoralis Major Strain: . Grade I - Mild Strain: Tears are called strains. A strain feels more like discomfort within the pectoral muscle rather than an acute pain because it is typically a stretch of the muscle and/or tendon. Tiny tears may occur, however, there is no obvious area that is torn. . Grade II - Moderate Strain: this injury is an actual tear in the muscle or tendon. It would feel like a sharp pain within the pectoral muscle, perhaps even accompanied by a tearing sound. A grade 2 strain occurs when a tendon or muscle is partially torn but still intact, leaving the pec area noticeably weaker. . Grade III - Rupture A Grade III tear is a complete tear in the tendon either at the attachment to the muscle or to the bone. A tendon rupture causes a very sharp pain within the pectoralis major muscle or tendon at the time of the injury. There may even a popping sound. . Physical Therapy and Chiropractic have shown to be very beneficial and focus on a progression from pain relief to range of motion therapy to stretching therapy to strengthening. Treatment of a complete pectoralis major tendon tear usually requires surgery to rejoin the tendon back to the muscle or bone where it insert. . Stay strong and stay active everyone! FOLLOW US and TAG YOUR 'SWOLE' FRIENDS! 🤓 . 📸 by @docmcamp
KNEE TO WALL TEST 🙃 [monitor your dorsiflexion gains] #MYOliftingseries . The other day I introduced a simple but useful variation in the typical calf stretch. For our tight ankles this can be a great tool to use. . BUT.... what if it isn't necessarily our issue? When we do a soleus stretch we would likely see an improvement but not if it's a joint limitation rather than the muscle itself. . So let's use another simple tool to compare this side-to-side as well as before-after. The Knee to Wall test can be used as in the video to see how much dorsiflexion we have available at our ankle. . SUMMARY: 👉🏼Measure the distance from our first Toe to the wall 👉🏼Don't let your heel lift off the floor. . So in the next few days I'll be posting more about ankle mobilizations and how it affects our squat. . Let me know how far from the wall you get! 🙌🏼 . Tag someone with stiff ankles!✌🏼 . . #ankle #legs #legday #dorsiflexion #legday #legsfordays . #myodetox #2017 #futureproofyourbody
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