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Plays a bad guy in all of his movies. Requires that his character dies so kids learn crime doesn't pay.
This "Brain Pulsation" is because of cerebrospinal fluid circulation. An amazing shot to see! Mention your friends to see this. Follow us @medshots for more
"Mom, I always told you I'd come back and get my degree." - Mark Zuckerberg (📸: @zuck)
Ouch! A pectoralis muscle tear after bench pressing an intense amount of weight! 💪😫 . Ruptures of the pectoralis major muscle are becoming a common injury due to the increase in popularity of power sports and weight training. The most common physical examination symptoms are bruising and swelling as is shown in the picture. The muscle may also 'bunch up' and deform. . The rupture of the sternal and clavicular parts of the Pec Major, with the muscle retracted, are the parts that give the 'bunched-up' appearance on the outside. The parts that may tear/rupture of the muscle are the following: Tendon rupture off the humerus bone (MC), Tear at the junction of the muscle and tendon, Tear within the muscle belly itself, and/or muscular tearing off the sternum (very rare). . Let's talk about the grades and some of the treatments of a Pectoralis Major Strain: . Grade I - Mild Strain: Tears are called strains. A strain feels more like discomfort within the pectoral muscle rather than an acute pain because it is typically a stretch of the muscle and/or tendon. Tiny tears may occur, however, there is no obvious area that is torn. . Grade II - Moderate Strain: this injury is an actual tear in the muscle or tendon. It would feel like a sharp pain within the pectoral muscle, perhaps even accompanied by a tearing sound. A grade 2 strain occurs when a tendon or muscle is partially torn but still intact, leaving the pec area noticeably weaker. . Grade III - Rupture A Grade III tear is a complete tear in the tendon either at the attachment to the muscle or to the bone. A tendon rupture causes a very sharp pain within the pectoralis major muscle or tendon at the time of the injury. There may even a popping sound. . Physical Therapy and Chiropractic have shown to be very beneficial and focus on a progression from pain relief to range of motion therapy to stretching therapy to strengthening. Treatment of a complete pectoralis major tendon tear usually requires surgery to rejoin the tendon back to the muscle or bone where it insert. . Stay strong and stay active everyone! FOLLOW US and TAG YOUR 'SWOLE' FRIENDS! 🤓 . 📸 by @docmcamp
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Just one fine example that may inspire us. No matter how little you think of yourself, or how slow your progress is, your determination and will to succeed will take you to the place you want to be.