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Pilih rupa ke hati? Jujur ☝️ . Nak lebih quote yang menarik follow👇 ➡ @iglelakivsperempuan@iglelakivsperempuan . #lelakivsperempuan
KESEMPATAN KEDUA . Pemain asing baru Bali United, Demerson Bruno Costa, masih mengingat benar bagaimana kisah tragis yang merenggut rekan-rekan setimnya ketika masih berseragam Chapecoense. - Kini ketika berseragam Bali United, Demerson ingin memanfaatkan kesempatan kedua yang diberikan Tuhan kepadanya dengan memberikan yang terbaik bagi klub yang dibelanya. - "Saya bersyukur Tuhan memberikan saya satu kesempatan lagi dan saya harus memanfaatkan kesempatan itu. Sekarang saya akan memberikan yang terbaik untuk Bali United dan saya yakin kami bisa membuat sejarah yang bagus untuk Bali United, baik untuk pelatih, suporter, dan tentunya untuk teman-teman saya," lanjut pemain asal Brasil itu. - - #BolacomID #DemersonBrunoCosta #BrunoCosta #BaliUnited #Chapecoense #ForcaChape #Quotes #Indonesia
YES!! Believe it! @forselfsuccess
Not everyone will understand your journey.Its okay. You are here to live your life,not to make everyone understand #thoughtoftheday #quotes #lovequotes #lifequotes #life #lifestylephotography #lifestyleblogger #instagram #instapic #instame #blogger #mountains #beautiful #beauty #beautyblogger
I honestly cannot think of any other man that have impacted and influenced my life greatly (other than Jesus) more than my pastor @jeffreyrachmat. He is a great teacher, friend and brother in my life, and his thought & teachings have shaped my thinking about life, love and ministry. And now, his 2nd book is finally out called ‘SUIT UP’, a collection of quotes, sayings and thoughts that have personally shaped my life. Such a brilliant (and beautifully designed & curated by @fensoong of @Axioo). The quotes are short, but I guarantee that you’ll be chewing on these words for years and years to come. (Swipe to ponder more!!) #JeffreyRachmat #SuitUp #NewBook #JPCC #Quotes
You deserve the best out of life, find three hobbies, pursue them, attain them and live happily.
Please Read* 👇 . You know when I need space and you know when I need your hands all over me you know when I just need a hug or when I have been craving your tongue you know when it has been raining and when I need your sun you know me better than I know myself and that’s why you will be the only one. . . . Please tag me in reposts, they are always welcomed. ❤️ . Image © 2017 Gemma Troy