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Transformation Tuesday! Here we have the beautiful wife and mother of the Martinez Fam @mamamichelle0121 who has made so much progress in just under a year and isn't looking to stop any time soon. #transformationtuesday #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #strength #wellness #aff #mightymenifee #thecampmovement #thecamptransformationcenter #girlswholift #girlswholiftheavy
❤WRINKLY HEAVEN❤ 🌟🐶x5🌟 #tbt Past Wrinkly Litter 😎🖒 Wrinkly Enzo, W. Odin, W. Morgan @jenniferpaige @mattcatfamous , W.Tommy @hrhannabelle @dmteachey & Wrinkly Morita 😍 PUPS AVAILABLE!!! All of our pups come with: -Microchip -Shots and deworms set up to date -Health certificate -Health warranty We can ship to all USA & CANADA Feel free to call or text us at 786-327-4484 to Reserve one of our babies available. #wrinklybulldogs #bullyinstagram #bullypics #loveabully #puppysketch #animaladdicts #pupflix #puppystagrams #babyanimalstagram #cutewildanimals  #animalsco #wrinklynation
Finns det någon som man älskar så mycke som ens barn? Denna underbara tjej har verkligen bevisat vad kärlek är ❤️❤️❤️
How you choose to show up magnetizes what shows up for you. 💯 I'm hitting that part of prep where the mental struggle is getting harder. One thing I love about this sport is that it has challenged me and made me mentally stronger than I ever was before. When you're getting close to a show it's easy to be harsh on yourself and get into a mental funk. I'm doing my best to not get in my own head, and instead push on the gas even harder these next 3 weeks! Overall, I am extremely proud of the progress I have made mentally and physically these last few months, and I'm not letting anything (even myself) slow down my momentum! Your belief in yourself has to be greater than anyone's disbelief in you💕 #tbt
Morning vibes. . @DOYOUEVEN 👈🏼 10% OFF STOREWIDE 🎉🎊 USE CODE 'DYE10' ✔️
Så ska ett guld firas 🇸🇪🏆 #trekronor #misterfrenchsthlm #galenmåndag
Can't believe it's been 4 years since this pic was taken at @gymshark's first Bodypower. We met just before this pic was taken. One of the most memorable people, I remember him singing Hallelujah and telling me that I introduced macros to him and how he was losing all kinds of weight. My boy @adedamolisher and I have become great friends since then. He's visited me in the states multiple times and whenever I go to the U.K. I always gotta get a lift or a Nandos with my boy. Someone who's been there for me multiple times even though he lives 8 time zones away. Much and little has changed since this pic. What was one of your highlights of 2013? - #gymshark #flex #loa #teamlegends #legendsofaesthetics
Currently 95 degrees in Davis 😳🔥...Definitely could use all 6 of these drinks from @SquareBarCafe to help me cool down 😩 Have you been to their newest San Jose location yet?! 🙊 ••Left to right•• Strawberry Refresher 🍓 50/50 + Thai Tea 🍶 50/50 🥛 House Coffee + Taro Latte 💜
I'd say i'm a well-rounded individual 💁🏼 @heavyvanilla
I saved Bambi! This little guy was hanging out too close to the road, so I moved him further back near a tree line. I made sure a few doe were in the area and that he wasn't alone. Being a hunter isn't just about killing. I believe every hunter has to do his or her part in conservation as well. We have to make sure animal populations stay healthy and safe so future generations can enjoy hunting as well. #bambi #deer #iam1stphorm
Stick together ❤️ @johncainsargent
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"Solitude is the place of purification." - Martin Buber 💡 - #secrets2success #success #s2s 🔑
The less you see the more I'm doing
👸🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕✨👑 @biancabalti in #Cannes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #DGFamily #madeinitaly🇮🇹
Please come down under 💦🇦🇺 👑🙏🏻 @litlords #whatdoihavetodo #hardtrap #rinseme #litlords #christ 😤😤
Instead of barking at those pesky pimples to clear up. Take action! Nutritionist  @rajbarker recommends cutting back on the sweet stuff. You can start by simply swapping your jar of Nutella for our scrumptious sugar-free Nut-Ella Crunch Bark. Find the recipe by retyping 👉http://bit.ly/2qdITvI👈 into a new window. For more of Raj's tips & tricks on how to achieve clear & radiant skin. Head to the link posted in the comments below (you'll need to retype the link into a new window).
👌✌🎶🎙os esperamos..su 1 firma y al dia siguiente Madrid🎙🤗 @oficialaray @pepsmusicgroup @universalspain
Berlin, Germany
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