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  • Terrific shot! The city seems to go on forever 😀🙆💙👏👏
    21-Apr-2017 20:58:09 PM
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Day by day putting in the work💯 @therealtechnician 9 weeks out from Chicago pro & 10 weeks to Vancouver Pro💯 #ProDebut #HeavyDTraining @bpi_sports | @doyoueven
The last stop on our trip..the most epic and breath taking place I've ever been! Nothing quite like being able to look directly into the earth that expands for thousands of square miles and it's hundreds of millions years old. Makes you feel pretty small, in a "damn, perspective" type of way. 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼🚘 back in LA TONIGHT after almost 2 weeks of sitting on my ass for hours every day lol 😂wouldn't have had it any other way. Experiences FTW 🤘🏼 I'm also quite proud of myself for staying on track for about 85% of the time on this trip! I didn't weigh any of my food, wasn't super accurate nor did I eat very "healthily" the entire time (lots of IIFYM-ing if you will, eating snacks on the way and whatever fits and attempted to eat veggies / fruit once a day at least) but it's actually not that hard to stay on track while traveling. No, I can't cook all of my meals perfectly in the comfort of my own kitchen, but making it work isn't impossible :) HEADED HOME NOW with @brian.decosta on our last leg of this trip! #LAbound #GrandCanyon #MostBeautifulPlace #IIFYM #projectMe #IgniteYourFire
My favorite pose with my favorite photographer @ladeuxo #bicepsfordays
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