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Retired radiologist and long time client of Laumont, Harry Agress, uses photography as a way to explore outside the human body and into its surroundings. Featured here is one of his serene images UV printed on Dibond. An installation of five 60x40” UV on Dibond Laumont prints are on display now at the Corporate Offices of Hackensack Meridian Health. #harryagress #laumont #fineart #beautiful #serene #vibrant #nyc #dibond #fineartphotography

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  • Enjoyable shot, thanks for posting such awesomeness!
    22-Apr-2017 23:25:05 PM
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Dear body.. I could never hate you. You are the reason my daughter is here. You housed her for 9 months, kept her safe and well without any complications and I could never not be grateful for that. You endured the most excruciating pain through labour in order for me to deliver my child. You went through being stretched, cut and sewn back up again and healed yourself so efficiently. You have literally given me life and for that I am so blessed and thankful. Many of you may be looking at my body with thoughts of "oh she's let herself go" "her stomach isn't toned and flat" and that's okay. My journey with my body is my own and I have flaws, love handles, stretch marks, remnants of a stretched stomach where my daughter once lived and that's okay with me. I accept how my body has changed and as much as we all wish and hope on a day to day basis for a better body whether it be a smaller waist, thinner legs etc. all these people we look up to or perceive to have bodies we yearn for are also going through their own body struggles, wanting what someone else has or just to look better. That's the nature of human beings.. What we have is not quite enough. I accept all of these things but I also accept the notion that if you're not happy with your body then only you are in control to change how you feel about yourself. I am happy with what my body has achieved physically and although aesthetically may not be that pleasing to the eye that's okay with me. I am on a journey of self love and the first step of loving yourself is accepting yourself.. The second is making the changes you feel are necessary to get to where you want to be.. So I am working on strengthening you once again and filling you with the nutrition, attention and love you need.. I've also tagged some fellow mummies as I too would love for you to write a small post titled dear body.. Doesn't have to be detailed or long but anything that you feel you've always wanted to share or say to help yourself or other Mums ❤️ #9monthspostpartum #mother #mum #mummy #baby #postpartumweightloss #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #health #fitness #selflove #londonmum #mummyblogger #mummylife #body
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doors @ 11... few pieces left 🍀🇮🇹🍀
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