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Photo by @babaktafreshi A few might guess this hidden paradise is in the Middle East. The 85-meter high Shevi waterfall is in Zagros Mountains, Khuzestan province of Iran. A day hike takes you from the train station to this little known wonder. Iran, a mountainous country, surprises visitors who are unfamiliar with the diverse geography of the region, from rugged mountains topped by an 18000 ft high massive volcano to dense Alborz forests and vast deserts, all packed between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf. @natgeo @natgeocreative #waterfall #iran #dezful #khuzestan
همیشه خودت باش کپی صدتومن بیشتر نیس!!
Phwoar! Look at this sparrowhawk, one of our more imposing species, you'll find them in woodland (and if you're lucky, your garden!) #Springwatch
Image by @peskimo These Bristol based illustrators are taking part in a great Instagram challenge #100daysofnature - each day posting a nature themed image using natural elements and combining their unique and playful illustrative style. . . #lighthouse #illustration #peskimo #nature #beach #springwatch #challenge
Instagram takeover with @SnappyRuss. " The geese were at Derwent Water in the Lake District. I went on an Instagram organised weekend and mainly took photos of the landscape. However, I am fortunate enough to own a very nice zoom lens, so couldn't resist the geese and other bids coming in and taking off from the lake. Quite a challenge photographing these birds as they don't hang about when flying!"
Lovely photo of a redstart tucking into something tasty! That reminds us, is it lunchtime yet...? #Springwatch
Instagram takeover with @SnappyRuss. "This dove photo was taken in my garden. Even though I live in a town, it attracts all sorts of wildlife. The magpies arrive first, causing a racket and scaring off most things, but the elegant doves are a force to be reckoned with and soon chase them off. Such beautiful birds."
Did you read our recent blog posts on saving our water voles? If not, find it here ➡ #Springwatch
The sun sets dramatically over Bristol tonight. Fast approaching midsummer, the light lingers longer and we can all enjoy the outdoors for a few extra hours. The #springwatch team are heading to @nationaltrust Sherborne Park Estate this week ready to go live next Monday. Wish us luck! See you real soon... Image by @lauramary . . #springwatch #bristol #bbc #sunset #skies #dusk #spring #colours #naturelovers #nofilter
Instagram takeover with @SnappyRuss. "This photo of a peregrine falcon was in Dorset on the coast line near Old Harry Rocks. I went for a weekend break and got talking to a local painter on the cliff tops. He said he was being distracted by a peregrine falcon that kept swooping around, so I waiting there for a while and caught this shot. My first but hopefully not my last!"
Finished up our very first Canadian Tour last night in Vancouver. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, stood in line, got sweated on, and sang along with us each night. We had an absolutely amazing time and we will be back very soon! Also big thanks to @colonyhouse for bringing the rock every night. One of our favorite bands with some of our favorite people. Till next time... #canada 📷: @emm.laurie
I don't always wear my sunglasses at night, but when I do it's 2am on a helipad in Malaysia. Now that I've achieved optimal douche status, I'll see myself out. I'm taking off to Singapore right now. Let's end this tour with a bang!! #BawseBook
Mulherrrrrr, já reparou que eu tô soltando o dedinho, né? Está chegando o grande dia!!! 🌟🎬 A #InvasãoPirata esta por todo lado e todo mistério esta chegando ao FIMMMM! Rs né @disney @disneystudios!? Corre pros cinemas dia 25/05 (quinta-feira) AGOOOORA MULHERRR porque vai ESTREAR O NOVO FILME 👉🏼 Piratas do Caribe: A Vingança de Salazar. 👈🏼❤ A viagem já começou incrível e estamos curtindo cada momento pra comemorar essa viagem com as leitoras! 👯 Claaaaaro que eu não perdi a oportunidade de criar um look todo rock (e make também) pra já entrar no clima do filme, né irmã @bocarosablog ? A atração do piratas do Caribe é demais! Quem já conheceu? A melhor realidade que você resssssspeita, você olha pro lado com a certeza que o Capitão Jack Sparrow está com você! 😂☺️ Então vai time, chama sua vó, sua tia, seu amigo, namorado e curte seu momento cinema da semana! Não esquece de reparar nas referências de make, entrar no canal depois e se LIGAR pra reproduzir logo nossa make ROCK! 👯👯 #Publi #TimedeLeitorasLindas #MarianaSaad
i sat on the floor because there were rainbow lights just for this photo...lowkey for equality?
Olha minha cara de felicidade porque estou de volta a Porto Velho/RO #PortoFolia hoje será uma noite inesquecível, me aguardem!👊🏾🙏🏿🎤 #EstiloLS #LeoSantana #VemcomOGigante #XiiiiGenteeee #VemComNoix #Yoooh #SóBênçãos #AmoMeusFãs #DeusConosco #DeixaDeusConduzir #VaiDarPT #TropaInteligente #dvdLSbaileDaSantinha Foto @hedernunez
Eso!!! 💪🏻👏🏼💜💜
#cncowners de México 🇲🇽 que lindo compartir con ustedes hoy en la firma ! Nos vemos en el Auditorio Nacional muy pronto🎉 PD: me duele la muñeca 😂 pero las quiero ❤️
Meet us on the dance floor! 💃 #SYTYCD returns June 12 on @foxtv! 📷: @catdeeley
Okay Angels! I'm going to be answering your questions on Twitter RIGHT NOW! Just use #NicolaTakeover and send your question to Mama! xo - @NicolaSummer #NicolaTakeover
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