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    21-Apr-2017 17:59:24 PM
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| what other cities should get an NBA team? 🏀 ⠀ Comment Below‼️ Photo by: @Thescore Tags: #Basketball #NBA #Sports
FEARLESSLY ME💕 Hi my name is Nochtli! I love being myself, mixed with a lot of weirdness from time to time and just be a happy human being😍 Why am I telling you this? Because I see too many copies nowadays, people who try to fit in, set their personality aside because of what others want them to be. Not a happy place to be in. ______ Being called different is like being called limited edition🦁 That's why I will always encourage people to be who they are meant to be. Even though the world might think differently.🖐️🙂I I ______ BE YOU. DO YOU. FOR YOU. #YouNique #TeamNochtli ______________________ #ootd deep V sports bra by @bodyengineersofficial (sale is still on!💕)
Who you taking deep? 👀
What would you nickname this dunk? 👇🏻 🎥: @cj_champion #Steezy #Sports #Sport
Charles Barkley Says "Hell No" the Lakers Aren't Making the Playoffs & Sixers Are "Much Better" (🎥 TMZ)
Thank you! All the positive feedback,quite overwhelming🙏🏼.Just here to help👍🏽 go to 4 podcasts or iTunes Ed Mylett #maxout
I love these sideways split passes! I don't think I've seen one competed in a while, am I right? This one is by @courtneytulloch . Great job!! 💪👍