• Sei andata collega? 😍 beataaaa
    21-Apr-2017 22:23:31 PM
  • @franci_marcis siii questo pomeriggio! 😍 Un parto il sentiero per arrivarci aiutoo
    21-Apr-2017 22:32:34 PM
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Video by @sea_legacy. What has been one of your craziest adventures? We are just back from filming polar bears in #Svalbard and we experienced a few bumps along the way. Without challenges and bumps there would rarely be any stories to tell. #followme on @PaulNicklen to see images of the polar bears we did find. With @cristinamittermeier @erichroepke @steinretzlaff #adventure #gratitude
Rollin J's 😚🌬
Good morning
Photo by @christopheviseux // Sunset over the distinctive rooftops of Paris and iconic Eiffel Tower. The plane in the foreground is a replica of the L’Oiseau Blanc biplane (’The White Bird’), in honor of French pilots Charles Nungesser and François Colis. The aircraft vanished in 1927 while they were making an attempt to complete the first non-stop flight from Paris to New York. Follow me @christopheviseux for more pictures around the world. #paris #france #eiffeltower #parisian #sunset
Photo by @andywcoleman // It is never fun to leave Patagonia, but views like this make it much easier. As glaciers start moving down the mountain, they will start picking up various rocks and dirt along with them. When the glacier melts, all of that will be released in a long, streaking pattern known as moraines. For more images from around the world, follow me at @andywcoleman
Photo by @michaelmelford - Dawn at Lake Pukaki looking north toward Mt. Cook, South Island New Zealand. Travel and get up early! #newzealand #sunrise #mtcook #photography #nature #travel
Colocando esse corpitxo cheio de energia (e sushis, muitos sushis! Haha) para correr por aí. O fim de tarde aqui na Marina é coisa mais linda do mundo e eu não esqueci do desafio 10km que a @adidasbrasil fez pra gente. Essa prova vai rolar até o fim do ano, então corram aí que eu corro aqui! 👊🏻
お疲れ様! ただいまー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 無事帰国しました✨ 今日からこちらでお世話になります! 宜しくお願いします( ´ ▽ ` )ノ #初めて一緒に乗った #嬉しすぎて泣けた #今まで1人… @yutonagatomo55
Here's to the ones who have served and the ones who didnt make it back! Thank you! 🍻
kinda and awkward pic but utah looks amazing in the back so
The @penguins take a wild one. The Penguins take the series lead. #StanleyCup
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From @imleothesiberian: “don’t mind me, just getting my workout in” #catsofinstagram
Game time with LuLu and Erno #gopens
Oi galera , sei que muitos aqui já estão usando o #estril (creme para tratamento e prevenção de estrias), outros querem adquirir e alguns ainda tem dúvidas sobre o produto , modo de usar... Falei um pouco no stories do que leio nos directs e aqui nos comentários . Quem tiver dúvidas/perguntas mandem que durante a semana vou respondendo 👉 Hoje à @alobelaoficial está com uma promoção MARA! Na compra de 2 kit's estril, vc ganha um anticelulite 👏👏 para as meninas que sempre pedem dicas de celulites , tá aí uma super dica! Corre lá no whats da Alobela: 11 94942-3155 #estril #alobela #xoestria #xocelulite #dicasdagra #teamgracyanne #nainteGRA
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Sáng ra nhận được quà toaaaa✨ bảo sao tươi tỉnh toe văn toéttttt 😆😘😘😘 Đồ diện nguyên tuầngggg hihiii #phuongly #phuonglyharuharu #ononmade #FRI
Dexter 📸 @lanavision
나의 여름 출근복이 되어줄 린넨쇼츠🙊 꽂히면 그것만 쭈욱 미친듯이 입는습성 #미지우 #신상 #데일리룩 #린넨밴딩쇼츠
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