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    21-Apr-2017 17:58:54 PM
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posting way too many pics of the sea, but 💙💙💙🌊
@relendo_es y @tiendapentaxeros. Necesito esa preciosidad de bolsa!!! ❤❤❤ #equiporelendo
Cukup diam Dan biarkan tangan Allah yang bekerja😇
My NYC fans are on their way to L.A. #nyc2ellen #Repost @suehade ・・・ When @theellenshow flys you out to LA! #nyc2ellen #NYC ➡️ #LA
When Elisa Detrez, one-half of @bestjobers, says hers is the best job in the world, she means it literally. Description? Stargazing in Jordan, swinging in hammocks over sugar-white sand in the Bahamas, exploring the Technicolor markets of India, heli-skiing in a Swiss snow globe. Requirements? “Being curious, open-minded and adaptable,” says Elisa, a 32-year-old former web marketer from France, who snagged the job of her dreams in a 2013 contest. Out of the thousands of applicants competing for one of seven “Best Jobs in the World” with Tourism Australia, Elisa won — she and her partner Max Coquard were assigned to live and travel around Queensland and write a blog for six months. When the adventure ended, neither wanted to go home. “Everyone kept asking us how we could possibly return to a ‘normal life,’” says Elisa, who today with Max, shares tips and details from travels around the globe. “We realized this could be our new life.” 🌏 Photo by @bestjobers
Congrats on what looks like will be a hit @irvgotti187 ....I love how my @bet family just keeps getting stronger!!!!!
Olha ela aki de novo!!! Se eu não postasse essa eu tenho a certeza que ela me mataria. Se ela é chata? É, mas é minha! Eu não troco, não vendo e nem dou pra ninguém rsrsrs... #amodemais #irmandade #amigaqueamo #amigachata #parceria #elameama
#goodevening #igers thanx 4 gv me a supr cool king tee @catchmystyle_ follow him follow me #pc @anil_ajmera01 follow him frndss
In the rolling mountains of the Eastern US, geotechnical engineer Brad Smith ( @disasterfilm) took his day off during a work trip to see the woods at sunrise. “One morning of nature was exactly what I needed,” he says. Follow along to see more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #WHPnaturalbeauty. Photo by @disasterfilm
@therealmaryjblige has still got it. All of it.
Мне всё равно, что скажут обо мне, Мне всё равно, что скажут другие... Мне важно, что я знаю о себе. Всё прочее- лишь домыслы пустые!
Мое лицо, когда мне впарили паленые кроссовочки
Жизнь прекрасна, полна побед, успехов и достижений. Именно это стремились выразить дизайнеры интерьера студии Лакшери Антонович Дизайн, создавая этот дизайн проект столовой в классическом стиле. Ведь владельцы элитного дома добились больших успехов и обладают высоким статусом. Им хотелось создать свое родовое гнездо, которое будет радовать красотой и роскошным убранством не одно поколение семьи.
Corpus Christi, Texas
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