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20 JUL: A deadly haze caused by forest fires in Indonesia, that reached epic proportions in 2015, has given inspiration to one street artist. The fires are often caused by the slash-and-burn methods used by farmers to clear land for palm oil plantations. Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic has spent more than a year secretly curating a series of public art works in Sumatra to highlight the problems caused by unregulated farming practices such as pollution, deforestation and displacement of wildlife. Find out more: #Indonesia #Forests #PalmOil #Environment #Art #StreetArt
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sparks against a pastel sky. ps. thanks for all the love already on bts 5! u guys r amazing. click the link in my bio to watch it if u haven't!πŸ™ƒπŸ’™
Zip tie hacks by @5.min.crafts! βœ… - All credit : @5.min.crafts - Try to comment "ZIPTIE" letter by letter! 😊
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