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Bisschen Wintersport 😬 Hattet ihr heute auch schulfrei? Was habt ihr gemacht?👇🏻⛸ #iceskating #winter #sports #tibokannschlittschufahren #scheißederkannechtalles #loveyoutibo #loveyousis
Beğeniler Kardeşlerimize Gelsin 👏🇦🇿🇹🇷 . . . #Qarabağ #Chelsea #ChampionsLeague #Sports #Soccer #Football
Tag 3 people you'd drop like this. 👀🏀 #basketball #crossover #tagsomeone #sports (via: MarinMvp/Twitter)
Rule #1 Always record when I say “I’ve never done this before, let me see if it’s even possible” because there is a good chance I will make it on my first try. Glad @parkerwalbeck knows what’s up and captured this one 🙌 (if you listen closely you can even hear him chuckle) 🎥 Full Video click link in bio
@nba_debate16 Top 10 Point Guards Of All Time •• #2: Oscar Robertson: The triple double king! Oscar was a 6’5 guard, who was incredibly skilled, and very athletic. He did everything on the court and while the game was different back then, Oscar was ahead of his time, and is known for his historic season in 1962 where he averaged a triple double. Westbrook recently joined him as the only player in history to do that. •• #1: Magic Johnson: As expected by most, Magic tops off this list at number one. What couldn’t this man do? He played all 5 positions, and defensed all 5 positions and I don’t mean to say “he could have”... he REALLY did it, multiple times throughout his career. He’s the best passer/playmaker of all time, he was a great scorer, he could rebound, he really was one the most well rounded players ever. Every year, Magic would come back with something new. He’d come back with a new tool in his arsenal, including a sky hook, and a much improved jumper later in his career. He always adjusted to an always changing game and in the late 80’s, when he was in his prime, and looked to score first, he was really flat out unstoppable. If you didn’t lock him down, he’d very easily go for 30, but if you did Guard, and sometimes double him, you already knew he was going to hit the open man with the perfect pass right where they want it. Magic really was a special player, and he’s the reason we value passing so much nowadays. He laid out the blueprint for the point guard position for the past 30 years. Ervin Magic Johnson was a special, and innovative player. •• What do you agree/disagree with?! Comment below! 👇🏽 #nba #nbadebate #debate #magicjohnson #lakers #oscarrobertson #bucks #kings #likeforlike #like #followme #followforfollow #basketball #sports #nbafights #80’s #60’s
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