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    21-Apr-2017 23:05:42 PM
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Happy birthday, @ChanningTatum. Nobody looks better in their birthday suit.
Leg day. Rough is what it is and what it's meant to be. Give it a shot. Shout out to @christianguzmanfitness for the workout. #christianguzman #alphalete #legday #creatingreatness
Tomorrow's show is a blast.
THE INSTIGATOR 😂 w/ @hannahstocking @thegregfurman (tag 2 friends!)
This has been @SamUmtiti’s day. Which player would you like for the next takeover? Així ha estat el dia de Umtiti avui. Quin jugador voleu veure en el proper takeover? Asi ha sido el día de Umtiti hoy. ¿Qué jugador queréis ver en el próximo takeover? #ForçaBarça #fcbarcelona #umtiti #igersfcb
Build it and they will come. I luv building properties that we never have to leave if we don't want to. All inclusive. Excited that on our farm in Virginia, the official #IronParadise2 is going up. Bigger, badder and built on something very special and cool - true warrior mana (spirit) ground. Our farm is built on acres and acres of untouched Civil War battle field land. Many lives lost and blood shed on our rolling hills. During the day when you walk the property, you'll walk thru patches of grass where the temperature drops dramatically around you and no words are said.. we just know what we've just walked thru. Every guest we have stay with us, sleeps in the guest house and the next morning they always say, "Hey in the middle of the night last night we heard what seemed to be footsteps and people working outside". Me and @laurenhashianofficial laugh and I just say, "Yeah there's always work to be done around here". 😉🤙🏾 Grateful man with so much respect and luv for this land I live and build on. Civil War soldiers who fought and died here and the Native Americans before them who bravely and proudly did the same. Oh we gonna get some goooooood workouts in this one. #IronParadise2 #WhereUCantSeeEmButUCanFeelEm #CivilWarSoldiers #NativeAmericanWarriors #PowerfulMana #BloodSweatRespect 💪🏾
Family... gracias. @nickyjampr
Happy Birthday Sister! So grateful to have you in our lives. @jordanabrewster Excited for the return of Mia! All love. #familyoffscreen
My lil bro Kris from the xXx League... So fortunate to have already released two pictures this year that I can be proud of, that we can all be proud of. The families created when working in these respective franchises is a true blessing. The next Family to hit the screen will be the Guardians Family on May 5th. Thank you all for the love and support. In all I do, I hope to make you, the ones always rooting me on... proud! #xXxThursdays
A cast member sent this to me... going to theaters to surprise people mid week. Wow. That is pride. #leadwithlove
CBE Team.
#6AM!!!!!!! This Friday !!!!!!video on @vevo and Anthem will be available EVERYWHERE and ON #ITUNES #6am! Get some rest ! WE COMING ! #IMTHEONE #DJKHALED FEAT @justinbieber @quavohuncho @chancetherapper @liltunechi #GRATEFUL THE ALBUM ITS COMING ! FAN LUV! BE READY ! 🙏🏽🔑🌺🦁
Dope or Nope? • Follow @aveniksmm @aveniksmm • • Photo by: ? • #kingzwhips #infiniti #concept
You can start your diet next year.
#TBT to 20 years ago. Don't miss tomorrow's show.
It's almost like he knew he was going to wind up in our Instagram. #EDbypetsmart
You haven't met a party animal until you've met @SalmaHayek's dog Lupe.
This means the world to me. I still think you cheated. ❤️ #Repost @michelleobama ・・・ Hey, @theellenshow! I may have schooled you in pushups, but when it comes to courage and kindness, you are always a champ. 💪🏿 #thankyouellen
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