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Happy friday! 🍂✨ Do you have any plans for the weekend lovelies? I’m having a pretty quiet, lazy Friday & I think I’m heading to Ikea tomorrow to get some bits for my room, which means I’ll probably come back with way too much stuff 🤭 The lovely polariod style pictures are from @inkifi_instagram— thank you so much for printing a batch of my pictures, I love having physical copies of my favourites! 🧡
Je suis allée faire un petit tour à la médiathèque cette après midi, ça faisait une éternité que je n'y étais pas allée ... Et boudiou je me demande bien pourquoi, regardez tous les trucs trop bien que j'ai trouvé ! (Léo n'est pas compris dans le lot bien sûr xD) Maintenant faut que je lise tout ça avant la fin du mois pour pouvoir vous le présenter dans la chronique de novembre ... #auboulot #roman #bookstagram #book #books #victorhugo #benjaminlacombe #notredame #notredamedeparis #les7viesdelepervier #outlander #cinder #marissameyer #jaidequoilire
{Arch.APolar on Pinterest} Click the link my bio to get $20 Harry Potter wands! Use the code "swallowedsnitch" for 10% off! ✍🏽Kara
Oatmeal Cookies • ½ cup brown sugar, packed • 1/3 cup unsalted butter, softened • 1 egg, large • 1 cup oats, quick cooking • ½ cup all-purpose flour • ½ tsp cinnamon powder • ½ tsp baking soda • ⅛ tsp salt • ½ cup raisins, seedless Air Fryer Cookbook: Best 100+ Delicious & Easy Air Fryer Recipes #followme #amazon #book #books #cookbook #cookbooks #recipes #recipesbook #recipesbooks #airfryer #airfryerrecipes #diet #food #airfryercookbook #airfryercookbooks #weightwatchers #weightloss #lossweight #lossweightnow #smartpoints #smartpointsrecipes
“Yalanlar isteyorsan yalanlar söyleyeyim,” “İncinirsin” #özdemirasaf #lavinia
Le coffret cadeau des trois premiers volumes des "Cahiers d'Esther" est en librairie aujourd'hui! Imprimé en Pantone et avec amour, tirage ultra limité chez @allaryeditions #lescahiersdesther #riadsattouf #books #bookstagram #livre #amour #dessin #bandesdessinees #cadeau #noel
Anyone know the name of this painting? Thanks :-)
Obrigado pela resenha de Irmão Negro. Precisamos falar e debater sobre racismo #Repost @resenhatudo E aí galera, tudo bem? A resenha de hoje é novamente um livro nacional! Tô inspirada com o Brasil. Vamos lá? - Nome do autor: Walcyr Carrasco Título da obra: Irmão Negro Nome da editora: Moderna Número de páginas: 80 Preço: R$ 36,00 O livro nos conta da história de Leo, um menino que era filho único e vinha de uma Família de classe média alta. Logo, era o mais "mimado" da rua, era sempre o que mais ganhava presentes e sempre os mais avançados. Leo sempre quis ter um irmão, mas devido a um problema sua mãe nunca pode ter. Até que um dia a mãe de Leo recebe uma carta de sua irmã e tudo na vida deles está prestes a mudar. Esse livro não nos surpreende. A história é boa, mas depois do baque inicial, você já sabe o que vai acontecer no final o tempo todo. Porém, não o deixa menos interessante já que ele aborda um tema tão polêmico que é o racismo, ainda mais com crianças. "Irmão Negro" deveria ter a leitura influenciada nas escolas como mais uma forma de prevenção de racismo. Uma coisa interessante que podemos ver ao longo da história é como as crianças seguem os adultos, o que mostra que não devemos ser "mal exemplo" para as nossas crianças. Tudo que a sociedade reclama, todos os tipos de preconceito, são frutos de atitudes passadas por gerações. Ao invés de fazer inúmeras campanhas, porque não agir? O livro nos ensina muito. Existe uma frase "Seja a mudança que você quer nas pessoas" ela define muito sobre esse assunto e um pouco desse livro também.  Espero que seja uma leitura agradável a todos. #resenhatudo #resenhaliteraria #resenha #irmaonegro #walcyrcarrasco #walcyrcarrascoarrasou #modernaeditora #bookaholic #amoler #adoroler #adorei #racismo #xopreconceito #bookslovers #books #livros #reading #nacional
Repost from @jaslaurainsta "....your body has not let you down. Thyroid symptoms and illnesses are not your body rebelling against you. It would never betray you. All your body does is work night and day to support you - because your body loves you UNCONDITIONALLY." #anthonywilliam #thyroidhealing . When I ordered my copy of the third book of the #medicalmedium series I couldn't wait to receive it. I saw so many other people already posting about it but I had to wait an extra couple of days to have it shipped to the Netherlands. Last night it was in my mail box and I dived right into it reading half of the night. I'm so greatful for this different approach on thyroid illness. The quote above is so important! Trust in your body. Take back control. Support your body with a balanced #wholefood diet on your healing journey. Thyroid illness is not the end of a great life. I'm almost off my thyroid meds and I will be fully soon with the help of this book. Thank you so much for your support @medicalmedium 💛 . . . . . . #amsterdam #thyroid #thyroiddisease #thyroidillness #autoimmunedisease #theresacure #lifechanges #bookstagram #books #hashimotos #hypothyroidism #gravesdisease #health #healthy #getyourlifeback #stoptheblamegame #alternative #alternativemedecine #letfoodbethymedicine #nutricioniseverything #thyroidhealth #thyroidhealing #plantsheal
😭 Don't mind me. I'm just crying into my physical copies of my book! 😭 • Today has been a day I've been waiting for for months! I literally can't believe I am finally holding my book in my hands.... not going to lie I already dropped and dented one! 🌈 • The book is now up for paperback preorder and I am beyond excited to see it in your accounts! 🌈 Right, I'm off to cry some more. Thank you for all the amazing support honestly! • • • • #bookish #bookme #books #instabooks #instabook #reading #ya #totalbooknerd #becauseofreading #yalovin #epicreads #bookworm #instabook #biblieophile #bookworm #instacool #bookstagram #booknerdigans #instalove #bookstore #bookshelves #book #bookblogger #coffelove #ukblogger #igreads #ya #bookish
Lykke is the Danish word for happiness, and this little stocking filler is the ultimate guide to how we can all find a little more lykke in our lives. . It's easy to see why Denmark is often called the world's happiest country. Not only do they have equal parental leave for men and women, free higher education and trains that run on time, but they burn more candles per household than anywhere else. 🕯 . So nobody knows more about happiness than Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. But he believes that, whilst we can certainly learn a lot from the Danes about finding fulfilment, the keys to happiness are actually buried all around the world. . This book takes us on a treasure hunt to unlock the doors to inner fulfilment. From how we spend our precious time, to how we relate to our neighbours and cook dinner, he gathers evidence, stories and tips from the very happiest corners of the planet.
We’re dishing out our cattastic book collection on our blog, The Scratch Post📚! Tap the link 🔗 in our bio to see what’s on our coffee table and get in on some purrfect gift ideas😻🎁! {photo courtesy of @iamthegreatwent} #coffeetablebooks #themeowlife
It was such a wonderful interaction with @iamsonalibendre Loved the questions she asked, and she loved the book! To see the whole video of our conversation head over to my Facebook author page or Sonali’s page ❤️❤️ #ahundredlittleflames #sonalibendre #sonali’sbookclub #preetishenoy #mumbai #facebookoffice #newnovel #books
Time Lapse video, from start till finish. I am still trying to figure out how to upload better quality videos. My major problem is the lighting, which ruins the quality and all the rest, but nonetheless here it is. Enjoy!
The Becoming of Noah Shaw is FINALLY on sale now in the UK! 🇬🇧 I so, so hope you enjoy it, and that Noah’s voice rings true to you. . . P.S. here are a few pictures of Noah’s England, ft. the inside of his school, and the boy named Goose who snuck me inside. (Trivia question: what’s picture #3?) #shawconfessions #maradyer #noahshaw #books #bookstagram #england #london
Buy High Poets Society the book during the month of November from, dm me proof along with your name and address and I'll send you 2 unpublished signed poems! #poetry #words #quote #quotes #qotd #books #quoteoftheday #highpoetssociety #boston #poem #poems #poet #writer
"Быть вместе — значит чувствовать себя так же непринужденно, как в одиночестве, и так же весело, как в обществе." (Ш. Бронте "Джейн Эйр") Какой ваш любимый роман у сестёр Бронте и почему? Расскажите в комментариях📖 Спасибо за фото: @dianaandbooks #books #reader #bookstagram #reading #книжныйчервь #bookphotography #bibliophile #bookstagramfeature #bookstagrammer
What's been your favourite read of the year? ☺️
TODO LO QUE JAMÁS IMAGINÉ Secuela de la novela romántica-erótica que te hizo desear querer mucho más. Nicole y Luka regresan. Nicole ha vivido la mayor parte de su vida en la oscuridad, sumida en las sombras de sus secretos y huyendo hasta de sí misma. Hasta que la verdad salió a la luz. Entonces, pensó que eso destruiría para siempre la relación que había nacido entre ella y Luka. Sin embargo, se atrevió a creer que podía vivir un amor épico, y ahora estaba viviendo el cuento de hadas que siempre soñó. No estaba acostumbrada a ser tan feliz, pero desde que lo conoció se propuso no volver a mirar hacia atrás; por eso ahora estaba dispuesta a recorrer el camino de rosas que él le proponía cruzar. Luka jamás imaginó que la chispa se transformaría en una llama ardiente, y que sería capaz de animarse a vivir su vida junto a ella; ni siquiera lo creyó posible cuando la verdad se presentó frente a él. No obstante, empezaba a creer que era muy cierto eso que dicen que no se puede elegir de quien enamorarse, definitivamente esa era una jodida realidad. Ahora se sentía afortunado, Nicole, lo hacía sentirse vivo por primera vez, y era su real para siempre, ella era todo lo que jamás imaginó querer. El presente y el futuro de Nicole y Luka parecían perfectos, pero todos sabemos que la vida misma es perfectamente imperfecta. ¿Se habrán acabado finalmente las piedras en el camino para que pudieran ser felices para siempre? Las amenazas se han ido, así que, no hay motivo para pensar lo contrario. #MenosEsNada #JamasImagine #LukaBandini #NicoleBlade #NOVELAADULTA #AUTHOR #NOVEL #NOVELAROMÁNTICA #LEER #booksaddict #amantedelalectura #bookslover #books #read #kindle #love #HenryCavill #bookslad #booksreader #read #amazon #googleplay #iTunes #kindle #todoloquejamásimaginé
Haftayı bitirip güzel bir hafta sonuna merhaba diyen arkadaşlar, hafta sonunu hangi İthaki kitabıyla geçirmeyi düşünüyorsunuz?
A few photos from the #21stcenturyyokel launch event last night. Despite appearances, I wasn’t actually preaching the word of the Lord in the first pic, just talking about firewood and my dad. Thank you to all those who came along. Now on my way to London for three more talks in two and a half days. First one is sold out and only a couple of tickets left for the second at @booksellercrow but plenty left for @strongroomshoreditch on Sunday lunchtime, with music from @emmatricca. Info on my website under ‘Upcoming Talks’. #books #naturewriting #bookstagram #spokenword
Ne vakit yere sıkı bastım, O vakit yerden yükseldim. Hayal ettiklerimi gerçekleştirmek için ihtiyacım olan tek şey, kendime ait bir odaydı, kalbim’ di... . . Akşamınız huzurla dolsun, keyifli okumalarınız olsun📚☕️😻💖 * * * * * * * #kitap #kitaplik #kitapkurdu #kitaptavsiyesi #kitapaski #kitapkokusu #kitapkeyfi #book #bookstagram #books #booking #bookstagrammer #bookstagrammers #instagram #instablogger #instabook #instabooks #instakitap #instagood #instalike #library #kutuphanem
Никогда бы не подумала, что в 25 лет начну читать комиксы ☺️ Знакомство с жанром графической биографии началось с "Винсента" от @mifcomics 🎨 ⠀ Года три назад я прочла "Жажду жизни" Ирвинга Стоуна. Это биографический роман о жизни Ван Гога. Основан на переписке художника с любимым братом Тео. Рекомендую, если хотите пройти с Винсентом большой путь по его жизни 📘 ⠀ Комикс для меня - прекрасная возможность освежить в памяти кусочек биографии художника. ⠀ Люблю иллюстрацию, и здесь максимум удовольствия получила от визуального исполнения, от ярких разворотов. Детализировано, красочно, стильно 😍 ⠀ Очень понравилось, как автор передала состояние безумия, приступы, которыми страдал Винсент. ⠀ В диалогах присутствует юмор 👍 ⠀ На последних страничках читателя ждут заметки и сноски от редактора, которые делают книгу более информативной. ⠀ Рекомендую: - тем, кто любит иллюстрацию. - на подарок поклонникам Ван Гога 🎁 - как приятное и очень красивое дополнение к более содержательным биографиям о жизни художника. ⠀ Листайте галерею 👉😍 ⠀ 💬 Что читали про Ван Гога? Что смотрели? Я, кроме "Жажды жизни", видела документалку с Камбербэтчем в главной роли :D И на новый фильм хочу в кино. Когда там премьера? Думаю, это будет шикарно ☺️
📚The Power of Reading Books📚 - True Story, I used to HATE to READ BOOKS growing up, especially during high school and college - Now, I can't get enough of READING BOOKS! One of my mentors @tailopez stressed to read a book a day and at least a few per month when I was in his Mastermind Program. I remember the quote he said the first meeting we had, "A Mind Full of Conclusions, Has No Room For Expansion." 👌👌 - Ever since he said that, it stuck with me and I challenged myself daily, weekly, and monthly the past 2 years to read as many books as possible to educate myself more, gain more wisdom, and to acquire a mind to EXPAND with KNOWLEDGE 🧠🧠 - 📚Currently, I read 2-4 books per month and I stay within the following guidelines📚 - ✅Read 30-60 min in the morning and at night daily - ✅Read 2 different books at once (one in the am and pm) - ✅I don't judge a book by it's cover - ✅I am not a speed reader so I just go at my pace and don't force it - ✅Some books I will read cover to cover If it doesn't catch my attention in the first 2 chapters I move onto the next book - ✅There is no one universal way to read a book, get creative and skip chapters if needed remember this - ✅I always take notes on each book I read in my Evernote App to go back and educate myself or do some teaching lessons for content - Right now I am currently reading the Book "Side Hustle" by @193countries and as you can see in the next pic Chris stole the awesome book I was reading by @lewishowes “The Mask of Masculinity" - I would love to hear what books you are currently reading, some great ones you have read, and any of your tips when it comes to reading 👇👇👇 - 🔥Take Home Message🔥 - Be open minded to reading books, if you enjoy audio books instead to each their own. Reading various different book genres will help you acquire a GROWTH MINDSET instead of a FIXED MINDSET 💪 - Hope these tips on reading helped and enjoy your weekend ladies and gents 💪🙌 - 💥P.S: Who else loves going to @barnesandnoble to read and chill?💥 - Eric 😀
Today for #bookishscavengerhunt17 the theme is crown on cover so I had to feature Three Dark Crowns by @kendareblake!!! . If you watch my story you know that I recently bought some new crowns and I thought it would be fun to show them all off in my picture!!! I’ve kind of become obsessed with collecting medieval props and next I’m hoping to get an axe 😍😍😍!!! What’s a prop you want to get??? . The lovely candles are from @wickandfable use code DFT10 for a discount off your purchases! . The black and gold scarf was included in the September @litjoycrate box!!! Use code DFT15 to get a discount off your box! . The necklaces are from @whenmelissareads use code Dark15 for a discount!!! . . . #threedarkcrowns #onedarkthrone #kendareblake #epicreads #bookstagram #yafantasy #homedecor #lifestyleblogger #books #bookish #wickandfable #crowns #royalty #instareads #instabooks