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Digging into the massive @u2 box set with The Gib. He loves it & he knows music. They said it took them 2 years to put it & that insane show together & I believe them. I feel lucky that I got to see that show & with my nephew only made it better. At this point their body of work musically & socially is way fucking up there!!..✌🏻22..🎶 . #u2 #thejoshuatree #boxset 7 #vinyl #180gram #albums #beautiful #photography #books & #images #stunning & gonna take awhile to go through #music #musicislife #larrymullenjr #theedge #bono #adamclayton #rocknroll #gibson #goldenretriever #musiclover ✌🏻💚🎶 @klipschaudio @projectaudiosystems
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wants you to tap more;) · · ⇉ still more to come. i hate how i can only post 10 slides... · · ⇉ accidentally posted this on my personal instead of this account first... lord help me... · · ↬ fc: 3,241 · · ♕ Tags: #percyjackson #annabethchase #leovaldez #nicodiangelo #jasongrace #pipermclean #frankzhang #hazellevesque #percabeth #groverunderwood #books #fangirl #rickriordan #persassy #caleo #solangelo #pjo #heroesofolympus #trialsofapollo #fandom #magnuschase
that would suck -J
#ДаоЖенщины Женская энергия в девять раз сильнее мужской. Именно поэтому ей даровано носить под сердцем ребёнка, родить и взрастить его, да ещё воспитать мужа (ведь за всеми великими мужчинами стоят великие женщины). Так используйте свою энергию для исполнения желаний! Для обретения счастья! Для победы над трудностями кармы! ПРОСТО поверьте, что вы можете ВСЕ, если только захотите! Это так и есть! Пусть новая неделя даст вам почувствовать и поверить, что вы МОЖЕТЕ ВСЕ! 💙 #fengshui #SnezhanaTikhonova #Tikhonova #happines #luck #success #reach #LillianToo #Too #money #mantra #СнежанаТихонова #ЛиллианТу #фэншуй #феншуй #успех #удача #деньги #мантра #мотивация #здоровье #богатство #wealth #books #cosmic #energy #fortune #astrology #астрология
We can confirm the rumours: @tracicheeauthor is LOVELY!
Perfect House! By Alessandro Sartore @dopearchitect
This fab photo is by @taylormariewrites 💖 Don't forget to tag your photos to #bookstagramfeature, so we can share them ☺️ - Lauren ( @bookwormboutique) 💖
posted a new book haul! here's a little peek. link to my channel in my bio! | i partnered with @disneybooks to help promote serafina & the splintered heart. can't wait to start that series! what's the most recent book you picked up? #ad #books #bookstagram
| 23rd of july, 15:27 | Okay I'm gonna go on a little rant right now sooooo (most of you will probably not know what I am talking about but it would be nice if you to read , you don't have to obv) I really hope it makes sense because I'm gonna be all over the place (just sayin) - I just saw social media blow up about the whole supercorp spiel on how Jeremy kinda dissed supercorp's existence and most of the cast agreed with it. And I had to go find the video and it was I ship supercorp and I know that it will (most likely , but more like) never happen. I have accepted that , but for them to mock the ship in song form is just rude. Shipping fictional characters is completely normal for fans and most of it isn't even canon which even though it most likely won't ever happen, they still ship them because they can use their imaginations & they can interpret it in any way. That's what you get for putting any art form out there, people are going to interpret differently than you but you can't take that away from them (if you've seen twitter, it's absolutely mad over there). Many fans who ship noncanon ships know that they won't happen, they don't need any more invalidation to ship the characters especially by the cast who plays them. And yes I know that there are also disrespectful shippers, who can be quite rude to others in the fandoms, but not everyone is like that . Most are perfectly fine and they respect other people's opinions and ships. thankfully Katie McGrath was there and stuck up for us, that was wonderful and she didn't only stick up for supercorp, but all ships basically. what they did was kinda unprofessional. Okay I think that's all I have to say about that, I hope I didn't offend anyone but that's my take on stuff. I'm just surprised that they would say that, especially since they have an audience that looked up to them./edit/I realise that they never meant to be rude and it was a joke but those reasons don't justify what they said. And yes, some people got hurt by this, but don't go hating and saying disrespectful things to anyone (in a sense , hopefully you know what I mean by that). I was gonna say something else but I forgot
Yup there was a reason why they put fences up to keep David out. - Q: Who would you save will or Al? - A: Will
📖🍃 #quotesdanati | "Corte de Névoa e Fúria" (ACOMAF) | @galerarecord | Sarah J. Maas ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🦋 Bom dia, boa tarde e boa noite, pessoal! Atendendo a pedidos e porque eu amo quando vejo isso nos outros igs literários, hoje trago o meu primeiro post de quotes! E não poderia ser com livro melhor, não é? Espero que gostem! ⠀ 💫 "Eu fiz aquilo por ele. Eu, com prazer, destruí a mim e a minha alma imortal. E agora tinha a eternidade para conviver com isso." ⠀ 💫 "Estou pensando que eu era uma pessoa solitária e sem esperanças, e talvez tivesse me apaixonado pela primeira coisa que me mostrou um pingo de bondade e segurança. (...) E talvez isso desse certo para quem eu era antes. Talvez não dê certo para quem... o que sou agora." ⠀ 💫 "Me pergunto se, mesmo em meu desespero e minha falta de esperança, jamais estive realmente só. Me pergunto se estava procurando por esse lugar, procurando por todos vocês." ⠀ 💫 "- Às pessoas que olham para as estrelas, Rhys. - Às estrelas que ouvem e aos sonhos que são atendidos." ⠀ 💫 "Quero que saiba que estou quebrada, e me curando, mas cada pedaço de meu coração pertence a você.” ⠀ 💫 "A questão não é se amava você, é o quanto amava. Demais! Amor pode ser um veneno." ⠀ 💫 "Eu era dele e ele era meu, e éramos o início, o meio e o fim. Éramos uma canção cantada desde a primeira brasa de luz no mundo." ⠀ 🦋 Essas são apenas algumas das minhas preferidas. Curiosidade: eu não marco quotes com post-its. Eu tenho sempre o @skoobnews aberto no meu celular e digito as principais lá! Quem quiser, pode me seguir no #skoob e conferir outros quotes. ⠀ 🙌 E vocês já leram ACOMAF?
Welcome to a New Orleans where magic, mystery, and romance run wild!!! Today I am so excited to be participating in the @storygramtours for The Romeo Catchers by @alysarden! . . The wonderful author has provided a Dos and Don'ts list of being in a coven according to Désirée Borges! . . Désirée says, “DO smudge your environment before practicing group magic of any kind. You don’t want your coven’s magic mixing with the remnants of any bad ju-ju lingering about!” . . For more DOs or DON’Ts from Désirée, make sure to visit @lostinabookishcollection tomorrow! . . Thanks to the amazing @alysarden and @storygramtours I have an INTERNATIONAL giveaway! See details below: . .
-A finished copy of The Casquette Girls, The Romeo Catchers and Swag
- follow me, @alysarden and @storygramtours -tag a friend you think will be interested in the giveaway!
For EXTRA entry 💜
- visit @lostinabookishcollection tomorrow and repeat these steps
- Giveaway will end August 1st at midnight EST
- not affiliated with Instagram
-must be 18 or have parents permission
-must be a public account so I can verify entries . . Want to learn more about The Romeo Catchers? Click on the link in my bio! #RomeoCatcherstour #storygramtours
Optimism is the way. If you know you will win, you will always win. Success is unlimited @garyvee @eddieconnorjr @grantcardone #optimism #amazonfba #successquotes #success #books #2017flipchallenge
Quais livros da sua estante você mais relê? ☝🏼❤️
2/9 Maratón: Amor a cuatro estaciones. • @amoracuatroestaciones, @nacaridportal, #Amoracuatroestaciones, #Libros, #Books.
hope you're having a good day
{Pride and Prejudice 2005} I've decided to do a live chat tomorrow at 5pm EST! So come with questions and ready to chat! You can go ahead and comment some below if you'd like!
کتاب پیشنهادی برنده بوکلندگرام هفته پیش از جهرم، فارس the_green_look @ . 📚 سمفونی مردگان 👤 عباس معروفی نشر  ققنوس ساعت آقای درستکار بیش از سی سال است که از کار افتاده؛ در ساعت پنج و نیم بعداز ظهر تیر ماه سال 1325. ساعت سر در کلیسا سالها پیش از کار افتاده بود و ساعت اورهان را مردی با خود برده است؛ اما زمان همچنان می گردد و ویرانی به بار می آورد. سمفونی مردگان، رمان بسیار ستوده شدۀ عباس معروفی، حکایت شوربختی مردمانی است که مرگی مدام را بر دوش می کشند و در جنون ادامه می یابند، در وصف این رمان بسیار نوشته اند و بسیار خواهند نوشت؛ و با این همه پرسش برخاسته از این متن تا همیشه برپاست؛ پرسشی که پاسخ در خلوت تک تک مخاطبان را می طلبد: کدام یک از ما آیدینی پیش رو نداشته است، روح هنرمندی که به کسوت سوجی دیوانه اش درآورده ایم، به قتلگاهش برده ایم و با این همه او را جسته ایم و تنها و تنها در ذهن او زنده مانده ایم. کدام یک از ما؟ نثر داستان بسیار روان و داستان‌اش خیلی منظم است. داستان کتاب آنقدر جذاب است که اصلا دوست نداری کتاب را زمین بذاری.
#книгоблогерМальвина продолжение 😂😏 Было бы смешно, если бы не было так грустно 🤔😔 Погоня за бесплатными книгами для своей библиотеки очень удручает 😔ребятушки, не надо так ❤️ #видеоЛозовой