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Agradezco por todo lo que he recibido y todo lo que aún está por llegar ... gracias #materialistafamily por su amor apoyo y fidelidad . " YA SOMOS 1.2 MILLONES "🙏❤️️😍💪 #lareinadelamusicaurbana👑 #tupequeñitapapi😍 #artist #actress #urbanstyle #fitgirls #rolemodel #sexy #naturalbooty #music #cine #fitness #Model
This heat is killing me..just need a cold shower to cool down a bit.
Time to relax with a cheeky beer😂 big day in kitchen with @sergio.perera doing the photo shoot for the vegetarian lifestyle guide! #vegetarian #option #coming #soon #lifestyle #guide #twenty40food #twenty40training #health #fitness
🚙 Clark Griswald would be proud🤡 _ Road Trippin' back to my hometown, Terre Haute, Indiana so my little lions can go to Vacation Bible School ✝️ My mom is a teacher, and Lawd knows my kids need some Jesus🙏🏽🤣 _ 4 kids, 3 adults, 2 pooches... Not one inch to spare in this truck. Gimme some ATV tie downs and we'll make it happen cap'n.... _ You see a handsome SOB, But I'm a hoosier 🌽🏀 with hillbilly ingenuity💯 _ My @jackiedella took this picture before we left. She text it saying "Look how pretty the clouds are!?" Me: "Didn't notice clouds, but my Tricep lookin Noice!" 🤣 _ (maybe not funny to you, but you can suck it, Im stuck in the this truck with farting dogs, Baby J diapers, & 4 women) Cut ya boy some slack! _ 🎥IG story-> prob a flat tire, one kid is guaranteed to puke or piss their pants over the next 12 hours... 🌈Stay tuned friends 🤦🏻‍♂️
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I am 
a series of
small victories
and large defeats
and I am as
as any other
I have gotten
from there to
here.💕 Charles Bukowski
Tag a homie, build a thick neck! Make Tom Hardy envious!!!! - This full workout will be posted to The Daily Pump, on my site, tomorrow! Updated daily! Link in bio - Wrestling neck bridges- I usually do these for reps! But today doing 5 second holds on contractions per rep! - Start with a position that would simulate a hip thrust. Instead of your butt leaving the ground and shoulder blades staying on the mat, raise your hips up as well as your shoulder blades putting extra tension on your neck! These are epic! ___________________________________________________________ #thequadguy #teamon #optimumnutrition #staygolden💥 #goldenaesthetics
For this prep, I am going to be incorporating something new, SARMS from @sarmspot.official ...the benefits are through the roof with virtually no sides. I'm excited to see how these can aid in my journey to the Olympia. I'll be using Ostarine (lean mass builder, fat burner, injury healer, and joint strength) and Cardarine (increase HDL and various other benefits). You can find these at and use code: SARMSPOT1025 for 35% off
SQUATS = MASS I made a post earlier this week about sticking to your compound lifts to gain size and strength. Today was leg day AND ALL I DID WAS SQUAT! 👀 Really? Sounds crazy right. But I focused on volume with moderate-to-heavy weight. Today was 10 sets of 5 working up to 75% of my 1RM. Don't overcomplicate things in the gym. Girls go crazy with cables, ropes, bands, and a whole bunch of nonsense. Isolated training is good, but focus 80% of your effort on your compound lifts and see where it takes you. 😉 #foodforthought #keepitsimple