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Edible gifts by @soyummy! ✅ - All credit : @soyummy - Try to comment "CHOCOLATE" letter by letter! 😊
This week I found out that so many of you are afraid of the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Either you’ve been unsuccessful in the past or have just heard how hard they are to keep alive. I get it. It’s the most finicky plant I’ve ever owned and the one that has caused me the most stress. But like I say, it’s so worth it! Here are a few things I can tell you about what I do for my fiddles: 1. I make sure they have bright indirect light. If it’s ever going to get direct sunlight, it’s better that it’s early morning sun than afternoon sun. But the more bright indirect light the better. Hard sun will burn your leaves creating yellow and brown spots and eventually kill the plant. 2. I water them only when the top 2 inches of soil is dry to the touch. Get your index finger dirty! Once I know they’re dry, I water them with the exact same amount of water each time. I base how much water they need on how much water comes out into the base tray. Once the water drains completely into the base tray, I’ll either lift the plant to the side to discard that water or I’ll take a towel and wrap it around the base tray to soak up the water. I NEVER LET THE PLANT SIT IN WATER. This will surely cause root rot over time and eventually kill your filddle. 3. Rotating your plants every 2 months helps to promote new growth. So dooooooooo it! 4. Clean the leaves every 3/6 months with a little dish soap and water. Baby needs a bath! Clean leaves free of dust and grime help give the leaves their natural shine and also allows more light to reach the surface of the leaves. If you ever notice super shiny leaves on my leaves, that’s because they’re new growth. 5. Name your buddy and talk to them from time to time. 😉 Honestly this just makes you more likely to care for the plant like you would your pet rabbit! You tend to care more about things with names. But you should be deeply invested in your Fiddle anyway. They are expensive af! Good luck! Because even with these 5 tips you’ll need it! 😬🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂😂
Casa da fazenda Com toque clássico #mariapiacasa #homedecor #moveis #decor #design #classico
I need your help! These two rugs are very similar but different and I just can’t decide which one I should go with. You can see my living room on @katerumson and I would love to know which one of these you like better for that space. I’ve seen them both in person and they have the most amazing texture and feel luxurious to the touch. I also love that they aren’t too thick, or too busy - they would lay the perfect foundation for the rest my decor. Swipe left ⏪ for up-close images. Both rugs are by @dynamicrugs and you can shop them via link in my bio.
In the current issue of The World Of Interiors we feature decorator @gavin1966's riad in Tangier. For the full feature see the December issue, text by @rosbyamshaw and photography by @roland_beaufre. #theworldofinteriors #homedecor #interiordesign #decor #morocco #instafollow