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Who wants to play a #game? Swipe left and comment with the words contained in these #clues! 🔎📚 #mrlemoncelloslibrary
Do you have a favorite duology? Tell us what it is! 📕📙 📚 #Replica is a twisted and complex read that’s part mystery, part conspiracy theory, and gave us full on Orphan Black feels. We can’t wait for everyone to read the sequel when it releases on 10/3! US fans, if you pre-order #Ringer and submit your receipt, you can get an exclusive Replica bonus digital chapter - link in bio for details. 🦋
Yay! It's a thrill to see my new book "The Four Tendencies" on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list. @wsj #fourtendencies #thefourtendencies #gretchenrubin #bestseller #happinessproject #happier2017 #happier #happy #personality #books
This Hogwarts Splash Canvas Set is beautiful! 😍✨ Link in bio! ✨⚡️Tag someone that would love this! ✨⚡️
{$22, YourFavoriteDesign on Etsy} . QOTD: What's your favorite Harry Potter quote? ⚡️ ~Maddy
cds or vinyls? movies or books? youtube or netflix? 🎃
who doesn't like garlic bread tf are you okay
“You think your #pain and your #heartbreak are unprecedented in the #history of the #world, but then you #read. It was #books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that #connected me with all the people who were #alive, or who had ever been alive.” ~ #JamesBaldwin ( 📸:Woman reading in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Photo by Rene Gonzalez)
#GBFireFeature ⠀ Enjoy some #InThelot rehearsal with the 2017 @pulsepercussion bass line!⠀ ⠀ Watch the FULL VIDEO on our youtube channel:⠀⠀ ________________________⠀⠀ Don't forget, EVERYTHING IS ON SALE on! SALE ENDS TOMORROW! 💯🔥⠀ ⠀ #Books #Downloads #Apparel #TimeToGetBetter⠀ #Percussion #Drumline #PracticeLikeTheBest #PlayLikeTheBest #TheGridBookSeries
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@_kitapkurtlari_ 'nın romantik ortamı böyle olur. 😍😍😁📚 "İçimizde şeytan var… Can kırıkları var. Nefret var, yalanlar var… Bir yanımız bizi çoktan terk etmiş, kaçıyor… Melankoli ve hüsran var… Keşke bazı geceler hiç sabah olmasa." #sabahattinali #içimizdekişeytan . . #kitap #iyiakşamlar #gece #night #iyigeceler #kitapalintilari #kitapkokusu #kitapkurtlari #oku #okumak #kitapkurdu #kitapokumahalleri #kitapoku #okudumbitti #okumakgüzeldir #kütüphane #kitaplik #huzur #igers #igreads #book #bookblogger #bookstagram #bookshelf #books #books📚 #bookstore #instabook
Oh you know just walking away from my responsibilities and into a bookstore (I'm kidding I'm actually at work right now but I wish I was at Powell's) 😂 Well anyways how's your Sunday going? Mines been long and tiring and I need more coffee for sure 😂 If I could be doing anything right now I'd want to be sleeping tbh or eating ice cream and watching Netflix 😂 My summer break is coming to an end and it's a beautiful day outside but sadly I'm still at work (for like another hour) other than that today's been fine ✌🏻
What are you reading this week?
Happy Sunday, booksters 🍂 ✨ New post is now live on the blog! I know right?Long time no see. I haven't posted since July and I apologise 🙏🏼 So to to keep track of my reads like the good bookish freak I am, I had to publish a Summer wrap up. . Link in bio! 👆🏽 . . #bookster #books #bookstagram #bookish #booklover #booknerd #bookquotes #quotestoliveby #quoteoftheday #bibliophile #bookcover #bookworm #vsco #vscocam #IReadYA #bookblogger #youngadult #vscogood #books #instagood #instabook #bookstagramfeature #photoftheday #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #instabooks #culturetripbooks #igreads #hipster #decor
You know what's crazy? Nothing goes the way you plan it. • I realized last night that 'planning' is great but more important than planning, is the ability to adjust as life happens. • I witness 'overthinking' by so many people, and it cripples them from living their life. • I don't suffer with overthinking because I'm fully aware of this fact: you're probably going to fail anyways. And maybe that's why I'm different than some of my peers. I'm not afraid of failure, in fact, I like it because it teaches me. Failure helps me learn myself more. • To me, failure isn't the biggest issue. The biggest issue is having the mindset and behaviors of a 'failure'. I feel like as long as you're fighting, loving, and l learning then there's no such thing as failure. • My sixth book Lust For Life is available for pre-order, click the link in my bio yo order yours. It's 400 pages of my newest work!
Ressam Ferdinand eşi Paula ile İsviçre'ye kaçmışlardır. Savaş karşıtı olan çift kısa süre sonra askerlik celbi ile tekrar sınanacaklardır. Zweig'ın neredeyse birçok eserinde savaş karşıtı düşüncelerini okumuşuzdur. Sanırım bu kitap diğerlerine kıyasla kendi psikolojik travmalarını dile getirdiği en gerçek eserlerden biri. Hayat kaygıları, ruhsal çöküntüleri ve kararsızlıkları bizlere asında Zweig'ın bir nebze niçin intihar ettiğinide az çok anlatıyor. Mükemmel bir üslup ile "mecburiyet" olgusunu insan psikolojisindeki önemini ve ne tür çılgın yaptırımlar ile bizleri sınattığına şahit oluyoruz. Üstelik karı koca ilişkisindeki çalkantılı süreçte hayattan beklentilerini de keskin hatlarla belirtmiştir. Sizi duygu yoğunluğu ile allak bullak edeceğini inandığım bu kitabı mutlaka okuyun! Billie Marten / Out of the Black #mecburiyet #derzwang #stefanzweig #turkiyeisbankasikulturyayinlari @turkiyeisbankasikulturyayinlar
• • ❝Friends don’t lie❝ • • ★♥★🇩🇪 Na ihr Knusperkissen ♥️! Wie ergeht es euch eigentlich so ohne den Game of Thrones Sonntag bzw. Montag 🤷🏼‍♀️? Habt ihr bereits eine neue Serie entdeckt, die ihr jetzt suchtet oder evtl. auch eine alte wieder ausgegraben 💬? Ich muss mir definitiv die erste Staffel von „Stranger Things“ nochmal anschauen da ja endlich bald die zweite rauskommen wird 🙌🏻! Ich bin echt schon sehr gespannt, ob sie das Niveau der ersten halten kann ♥️! • Ich hoffe ihr habt euren Sonntag gut verbracht und wünsch euch einen entspannten Abend ✨🍃! • • • ★♥★🇬🇧 Hey my Crunchynuts ♥️! How is your life going without the typical Game of Thrones episode 🤷🏼‍♀️? Have you found a new series you watch at the moment or do you rewatch an old one again 💬? I definitely have to rewatch the first season of „Stranger Things“ cause season two will be released soon 🙌🏻! I’m so so excited and hope that it will be as great as season one ♥️! • I hope you had a great Sunday and wish you a wonderful evening ✨🍃! ••• ••• ••• #books #bookstagram #bookishfeatures #booknerd #bookworm #booklove #instabook #bookstagramfeature #funkopop #bookaddict #buecher #igread #bookish #lesen #bibliophile #bookaholic #ilovebooks #potterhead #bookgeek #booknerdigans #bookphotography #yabooks #reading #yareads #readersofinstagram #strangerthings #eleven #upsidedown @candlesofafangirl
- [Fc; 13,624] - [24/09/17] - [Clace AU + Jarley Quote] - I know a few people won’t like this au - Purely because of the whole jarley thing - But I kind of like this quote - I don’t really like Jarley though - And I’ve never seen suicide squad or anything so yeah - Anyways enjoy - I may post again to finish my theme off - Also ic; @captainswanvessel - #cityoffallenangels #bestshowever #themortalcup #coa #cog #cofa #cols #cohf #shadowhunters #kitkatsmeow #domsherwood #shadowhunterstv @domsherwood @kitkatsmeow @emeraudetoubia @albertorosende #emeraudetoubia #albertorosende @shadowhunterstv @missmaximroy @isaiahmustafa #cityofbones #books #book #cityofashes #cityofglass #shadowhunters #premiere #beyondtheshadows #cannotwait #claceau #clacescene500 #shadowhuntersseason2 #spoilers #sneakpeek #claceisendgame
Happy #shelfiesunday. I guess this is kind-of a shelfie. My husband and I are celebrating our 12-year anniversary by watching IT together (among a full day of other activities). Nothing like celebrating your love by being scared out of your mind. 😆🤡
Nada melhor que passar algumas horas em uma livraria, hoje evento de livros latinos incerindo no mercado por que em breve Diario de una ex gordita espanhol! ☝️ #diariodeumaexgordinha #books #spanish #libros #coralgables
《Está sonando la campana que marca el tiempo. Aquí el tiempo se mide con campanas, como ocurría antes en los conventos de monjas. Y, también como en un convento, hay pocos espejos.》 . . . He de decir que me esperaba algo más de este libro, de la historia, del final. Supongo que por la expectación tan alta que tenía. Aunque esto no quiere decir que no me haya gustado el libro de Atwood. Me ha gustado y aterrorizado a partes iguales. Una distopía en la que unos teócratas fundamentalistas se hacen con el poder. Novela escrita en los años 80 que no nos resulta tan descabellada cuando vemos el mundo en el que vivimos hoy. Eso es lo que da miedo. Una historia en la que las mujeres han perdido todo derecho, libertad y voz. Reducidas a la utilidad de la reproducción de la raza al servicio de los hombres o desterradas. Vestimentas amplias que simbolizan la clase y el rango de mujer por color. Austeridad y nada de ostentación, deseo, amor ni un vestigio de una vida pasada. Todo el que se salga de las directrices será castigado. Una lectura de la que hacen reflexionar, algo que me gusta. La terminé hace días y aún pienso en sus personajes. Ahora toca ver la serie a ver qué tal. _ _ 《Mejor nunca significa mejor para todos, comenta. Para algunos siempre es peor.》
From The Finishing School series. . . #gailcarriger #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #bookworm #books #booklove #booklife
“A thought occurred to me today - so obvious, so always obvious! It was absurd to suddenly comprehend it for the first time - I felt rather giddy, a little hysterical: - There is nothing, nothing that stops me from doing anything except myself... What is to prevent me from just picking up and taking off? Just the self-enforced pressures of my environment, but which have always seemed so omnipotent that I never dared to contemplate a violation of them... But actually, what stops me? A fear of my family - Mother, especially? A clinging to security and material possessions? Yes, it is both of those, but only those realities that keep me... [...] The love of possessions - books and records - those are two oppressions which have been very powerful in me the last few years, yet what, what bars me from putting my papers, notebooks, and a couple of books in a small box, sending them to a storage company in another city, getting into a couple of shirts and my levis, stuffing another pair of socks and couple bucks in my coat pocket, walking out of the house - after leaving an appropriately Bryonesque note to the world - and taking a bus - anywhere?” Susan Sontag, Reborn: Journals & Notebooks 1947-1963. ll Flipping through random pages of Sontag’s journals and this passage pops up. All the thoughts in my head... Books are magical. Reading is magical. Writers are my bright shining stars.🌟
Why did every book in this store look so good - I was tagged some time ago by @wordsofadventure to do the #colorsandbooks tag🌈🌈🌈 so let’s do it - 🦋Blue (a calming book): well I like only read fantasy which is not calming but I would say ‘Anna and the French Kiss’ by @naturallystephperkins is kinda clam? Hahah it probably isn’t but well compared to fantasy it is. 🐢Green (adventure): ‘Gregor the Overlander’ by @suzannecolllins is too adventurous for this world and deserves more appreciation. 📒Yellow (fantasy): Definitely ‘Mistborn’ by @brandsanderson its the best book I’ve ever read, such a masterpiece. 🍊Orange (sci-fi): The ‘Legend series’ by @marieluthewriter no doubt, amazing series probably my fave series. Seriously. It’s a series that everyone will love and it’s amazing. Give it a go. 🌹Red (romance): I can’t really decide, ‘Carry On’ by @rainbowrowell is amazinggggg and heart breaking but if you’ve read the ‘Vampire Academy’ by @reallyrichelle you know Romitri isn’t to fight with so hmm idk🤔🤔 🖤Black (horror/thriller): Tbh I’ve never read or seen something that would possibly scare me I hate it, so I agree with @wordsofadventure I don’t see the point and I don’t think I ever will see the fun in getting scared🤷🏻‍♀️ ✉️White (magical): So okey this must probably be Harry Potter by JK Rowling. Most- or all of you have probably read HP but common if you haven’t what are you doing? - Thank you for tagging me ‘Reese❤️💛💙💜
“Once there was a little girl who played her music for a little boy in the wood. She was small and dark, he was tall and fair, and the two of them made a fancy pair as they danced together, dancing to the music the little girl heard in her head.”💜 • • • { #acomaf #acotar #acourtofmistandfury #acowar #acourtofwingsandruin #acourtofthornsandroses #sarahjmaas #throneofglass #bookquotes #bookstagramappreciation #bookstagramfeatures #bookishfeatures #bookaholic #instabooks #booklion #shelf #library #books #📚 #shelfie #yafantasy #fantasybooks #yabooks #booknookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookquotes #tog #feysand #bookstagrammers #caraval #throneofglass #quotes} ↞ Quote: Wintersong❄️↠
Get your copy of High Poets Society the book on! Search "High Poets Society". Free Shipping with Prime! #poetry #words #quote #quotes #qotd #books #quoteoftheday #highpoetssociety #boston #poem #poems #poet #writer
O que vocês estão lendo por aí? Estou chegando no finalzinho de "A Longa Viagem a um Pequeno Planeta Hostil" e amando muito a história. 😍🚀
Catching up on some reading and writing- it's going to be a #lazysunday for me with my odd sleeping schedule lately 🙇🏻‍♀️🙆🏻🙇🏻‍♀️ #sundaymorning #socksunday #theartistsway #books
; Who's tuning in?! #deathcure