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There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.

  • Du er en dygtig fotograf, Emma !! Altid stemningsfulde og lidt mystiske.
    21-Apr-2017 20:25:53 PM
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This is a heartbreaking image of Vinod Khanna before his death. Veterian actor Vinod was auffering from cancer and his soul has departed from theis world.May his soul rest in peace. #RIP #vinodkhanna na #bollywoodactor #samaapost #samaapic
My fav photo 🌸 Jaan 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 @poonamdamania
My interview with @KimKardashian is one of the most memorable interviews I've done in a long time.
Photo by David Santiago Garcia, Getty Images // Sponsored by @visitutah // Bryce Canyon visitors should plan their visit for early morning or late evening for the most dramatic views of this popular park. Visit natgeotravel.com to learn more about Bryce Canyon National Park and visiting Utah.
Hi! 😫🙏🏼😇 @zadigetvoltaire
Happy Hour at the Banzai Pipeline | Photograph by Todd Wass ( @fotoddgraphes) . “Three-time bodyboarding world champion Jeff Hubbard ( @jdhubb) launches huge air at the pipeline on the famed north shore of Oahu,” writes Your Shot photographer Todd Wass. “I set out to capture a shot that portrayed the feeling of enjoying a beautiful hot afternoon on the beach at the pipeline while enjoying an icy cold beer. I got lucky as Jeff boosted huge air over Nanae as she stood watching.” -- “I see a nice mix of bodyboarding and surfing images on Your Shot. This photograph really stood out to me thanks to how it was composed — having Nanae in the foreground of this image takes it to another level. You wrote in your caption that you set out to portray ‘the feeling of enjoying a beautiful hot afternoon at the beach,’ and I believe you accomplished that goal with this image.” — @natgeoyourshot associate photo editor Matt Adams ( @themattadams) #YourShotPhotographer
Happy birthday, @ChanningTatum. Nobody looks better in their birthday suit.
Photo by @babaktafreshi, The World at Night photography On this starry night of #California the constant Earth rotation during an hour-long exposure shows itself in form of star trails around the north star Polaris, marking the direction of the Earth rotation axis. I have immense respect for these trees. Each kept several thousands of Earth history, being one of the longest living life forms on the planet. They grow at about 10,000 ft (3300m) high. This twisted Bristlecone Pine is frequently visited by tourists and photographers. I hope the travelers do respect these impressive trees by not climbing them or walking on the soil around their extended roots. @natgeo @natgeocreative #bristleconepine #ancient #nightsky #earth #planetearth #astrophotography #nightscape #startrails
Her hair ❤😍 She just slays her every look 😍😍 @poonamdamania
It's almost like he knew he was going to wind up in our Instagram. #EDbypetsmart
Photo by @andywcoleman // The waters of Havasu Falls plunge 100 feet into the striking blue-green pools below. The cascading areas around the falls are formed when the calcium carbonate in the water deposits on the rocks, creating these travertine dams. Most of the time this is a tranquil place, but these pools have changed quite often over the years due to flash floods. To get to the campground near the falls, you need to hike nearly 10 miles (or take a quick helicotper ride). There is much to see in the canyon, so plan on staying several days to take it all in.
Kareena and her bff spotted today after their yoga session ❤ #kareena always slays her every look 😍 and look she's lookin simply perfect 😍❤ And those glasses 😍💙 @poonamdamania
Tomorrow's show is a blast.
Conlave Pakistan: An event for all individuals seeking Professionalism. #Pakistan #Rising #😮education #entrepreneurship #business #proffesionalism
Aww this cute couple 💑 Our saifeena❤ The love birds 💕 @poonamdamania
@JennalDewan is gonna be able to use the carpool lane, the HOV lane, and any other lane she wants.
Good morning my darling #bebo@poonamdamania
This mouthwatering Garlic Pasta is worth a try! Visit @thegrottopk for this amazing feast! #foodphotography #samaasocial #samaapost #samaapic #grottopk #pasta #instalike #instagrammer #instadaily
We did it! We brought #NYC2Ellen! Thanks, Capital One for making it possible. #LaughDancePartner
Roskilde Fjord
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