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Bring on the #fuego this #MonYAY with our latest (and hottest) #ZIN72 track! 🔥🔥 The song? ''Fogo' by Garmiani. Dance along by going to a #ZumbaClass near you! #ZINs, remember you can find this hot track and choreo on #ZINNow! #Zumba #ZIN72 #FogoZumba @jenniferkimzes @zjmauricio
Families that exercise together..HAVE FUN TOGETHER 💪🏼❤️💙💚💪🏼 (Link to watch the full video in profile) Can you guess the locations from each of these clips?? 🌍 /// #family #bucketlist #exercise #health #fitspo #fitness #travel /// @garrettgee @settie4444 @dorothyseven @manillagee @thebucketlistfamily
#TransformationTuesday June 1, 2015 when it all began.. 💪🏾💦 Your fitness is 100% mental, your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it. Excited to start my annual SlimThick challenge & slay all 2018! Only taking a few more clients, so reserve your spot while you can 😚 Also all weight loss questions answered on my site as well (link in bio)
Keep on daydreamin'. Click the link in our bio to read full articles. >> @curiositydotcom #dreaming #daydream #daydreaming #brain #health #mind #science #curiosity
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