Bc im sick as hell and makeup and filters make me feel better. ❤️ Soon ❤️😘 ----------------------------------------- Promoter for @gnarlynerdclothing - use code "GNARLY15" for 15% off your purchase at checkout! 😊 ----------------------------------------- Cliquè 🌴 @skaxic • 🍑 @expoxur 🐰 @ladyrabbittxo • 💯 @itzkdyp 💎 @ratedlexgaming • 🍕 @faintjimbo 🙊 @scatteredhearts_ • 💀 @shotgunjojo 🦁 @myy_name_jefff • ⚡️ @iielectro 👻 @ycoopery • 🍊 @three_dinosaurs 🐯 @i_am_ir0nman • 💪 @southie_mdk 🐄 @phatboy122 • 🎀 @geekgamergirl_ 🔮 @awokenkhaleesi • 😈 @joshzcook 🤘🏼 @mrsbrewbud • 🤓 @jbrewbud 🐼 @midnightangel_22 • 💩 @realognative 🐱 @visualscreenholic • ⚜️ @justsimplygaming 🤺 @darth_ddraig • 🎯 @itsfinnala 🎨 @boompus.iii • 🌸 @z0mbieg0re 💥 @sfbgaming • ✈️ @jetzgamingofficial 🐉 @true_thunder_dragon• 🤔 @axelphim._ 🌮 @imtherealmrtaco • 🙏🏼 ------------------------------------------ Hashtaggin slasher! #xbox #xboxone #xb1 #xbox1 #gaming #gamer #gamergirl #girlgamer #destiny #cod #twitch #stream #live #bungie #destinythegame #riseofiron #warlock #hunter #titan #pvp #crucible #multiplayer #shoutout #follower #follow

  • Hope you feel better soon ❤️
    21-Apr-2017 17:06:55 PM
  • You better get better soon 💙
    21-Apr-2017 17:20:26 PM
  • Terrific :)
    21-Apr-2017 17:42:52 PM
  • Beautiful 😍
    21-Apr-2017 18:04:12 PM
  • Yes they do! Feel better
    21-Apr-2017 18:08:25 PM
  • Lmao I hope you feel better hun!
    21-Apr-2017 18:09:08 PM
  • I hope you get better soon. And you still look really cute even sick!
    21-Apr-2017 19:35:56 PM
  • Get well soon🦁🐯
    21-Apr-2017 19:50:04 PM
  • Gee I hope you feel better soon, take care @skewbydewbydew
    22-Apr-2017 07:51:43 AM
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From The ears are alive 😂🐶🙌
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The small house at the centre of the photo is certainly far away from any hustle and bustle: The #Meglisalp. On a plateau in #Alpstein, the small, smart mountain hotel can only be reached on foot, but it is more than worth the climb. The total silence, impressive mountain views and Appenzeller hospitality with a warm welcome are sure to delight all who visit the Meglisalp. This is the perfect starting point for leisurely day hikes and hard-core mountaineering alike. Here, you can recharge your batteries, stay overnight and plan your onward journey: be it down to the idyllic #Seealpsee or up to the top of the #Säntis, the highest mountain in the @appenzellerland region. The Meglisalp is not only a place to stay, but also part of the famous #Whiskytrek. Thank you for the drone photo, @hynecheck.
It looks like Pumpkin Rock in Norco has a fresh coat of paint, thanks to some local residents who keep the hilltop landmark looking fresh and festive every year! Thanks to Eyewitnesses @ang237_ and @hecks237_ for these pics from over the weekend. The approximately 15-foot-tall rock sits above Norco Ridge, and the trail to the top can be a bit steep, but it's relatively short. You'll find the giant orange orb just southeast of Ingalls Park at 3737 Crestview Drive in Norco. Share your Halloween pics with #abc7halloween! You could see your image here, or on the ABC7 Morning Show later this week.