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http://brandfuge.io/ughlovingsLong or sh

Long or short hair? - follow me @ughlovings for more!

  • Short
    22-Apr-2017 06:58:58 AM
  • Long
    22-Apr-2017 07:25:30 AM
  • Short
    22-Apr-2017 08:26:57 AM
  • Long
    22-Apr-2017 08:58:15 AM
  • Short and long
    22-Apr-2017 12:13:50 PM
  • both // return
    22-Apr-2017 17:15:18 PM
  • long xx but I think short hair can look amazing on some people
    22-Apr-2017 22:43:04 PM
  • I think it depends on the season for me lol which is really weird but i think shot hair in the winter and long in the summer
    23-Apr-2017 01:04:42 AM
  • short
    23-Apr-2017 01:39:14 AM
  • Idk I like both
    23-Apr-2017 02:15:48 AM
  • Barbie doll
    23-Apr-2017 04:04:15 AM
  • Gorgeous 埠埠
    23-Apr-2017 07:28:37 AM
  • short
    23-Apr-2017 19:51:39 PM
  • Long
    23-Apr-2017 22:16:21 PM
  • It depends on face shape (especially jawline) - in this case short suits much better!
    24-Apr-2017 08:07:59 AM
  • 24-Apr-2017 14:49:55 PM
  • Hi
    24-Apr-2017 15:42:46 PM
  • Long
    29-Apr-2017 14:29:55 PM
  • Short rn but making it longer
    17-May-2017 00:01:11 AM
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