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    21-Apr-2017 17:49:15 PM
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Tag someone ❤ - "My love for you is like nothing on earth. For the past few days, you’ve been asking “why me?” and it frustrates me terribly to answer because there are literally no words in the English language that could fully describe my feelings for you. I am limited by my own vocabulary. The best response I can give you is, there is no one else like you on earth for me, that fascinates me, maddens me, propels me and rips the love straight from my heart like you do. Yes, I’ve been in more than my fair share of relationships and yes, those were a gigantic waste of my and their time, but I can tell you this, there has not once been one person who has singularly brought all of me to life the way you do, has captured my attention so obsessively like you have, who has inspired me to examine myself in such a way that I would without question change the entirety of my being and my life just to fit yours, nobody on earth is like you for me, and that’s the truth. In my memory, everybody blends together like fog, with you being the only figure standing out in great detail, like moonlight piercing through the clouds. Why you? Because you are my other half, even in ways I don’t understand yet. We may butt heads and disagree and at times the stronger parts of our personalities may collide, but for you and you alone I would forfeit all pride and display all vulnerability just to make you happy, for you I would fight endlessly or lay down and die if it made your life better, and I will never cheat on you, abandon you, or stop loving you as you fear. Cheating on you seems ludicrous to me, why would I give up paradise to go back into the mud, abandoning you would be my true form of suicide because I see no life beyond one with you, and I could not, even with my best attempt, stop loving you, because your love is what runs through my veins now."
"When we come together, them see how strong we is." #bobmarleyquotes
"Understand that quality long term results require quality long term focus, shit loads of patience and constant perseverance. Don’t get emotional because you didn’t win that award, or the client didn’t accept your pitch or idea, or you got a C- for your assignment or you only got 15 likes and no comments on your Instagram post but you expected 50. Its just part of the journey. In fact, if it happens to you, and you manage to still keep your head in the game, give yourself a pat on the back because that means that shit is beginning to happen for you. Beating yourself up over the small bumps in the road is weak. Learn to enjoy and appreciate the process because it does go quickly". Our founder / Creative Director @valentinozich recently did a 45minute presentation at @semipermanent on his story and important lessons learnt along the way. It's a 2 day event which brings together internationally and locally renowned designers, artists & creative icons. We have received a lot of requests for V's talk. We will be releasing the video in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. #iloveugly #creative #quotes
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I feel numb and broken I fucked up and I'm sorry I miss you so much You'll always be in my heart
A Bren gunner and his comrade watch for movement along the banks of the River Elbe, Hoopt, near Wisen, 20th of April, 1945. The Bren gun was one of the most revolutionary and effective light machine guns of all time. It was engineered with the idea of being a close support weapon kinda like the modern day SAW or Squad Automatic Weapon. It could be fired from the hip during an assault or deployed on the ground using it's bipod. It had a magazine located on the top (see photo) which was rare in machine guns of the time. It had a sight on the left of the gun and the Bren gunners were trained to use this special sight. Another advantage of the Bren was it's accuracy and simple design. You could quickly take apart and resemble the Bren within a minute or less during battle if you encountered an internal problem with the weapon. It wasn't common for the Bren gun to overheat when handled by a trained and experienced user but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. The Bren was fairly light and this was very rare during WW2. The Bren, unlike most machine guns at the time, could be operated by one person since it wasn't belt fed. This also gave it a leg up against German machine guns. The Bren gun was used by all the British Commonwealth during WW2 and even after the war by several other nations. It is still regarded as an amazing weapon and still has quite a reputation today. (Colorized by myself)