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Fall in Love with someone who enjoys your madness, not with an idiot who force you to be normal.

  • 100% richtig ❤❤ bin stolz auf dich
    21-Apr-2017 22:08:27 PM
  • ❤️❤️❤️ @leniclk
    21-Apr-2017 22:21:54 PM
  • Very sweet!
    26-Apr-2017 13:50:08 PM
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They laughed at my dreams , but look who is laughing now 😘💋 #MusicMG #blessed
In Victoria, Australia, Sunny ( @s.wei_) ventures out to explore the mysterious, foggy forest. 💨 #WHPnaturalbeauty Photo by @s.wei_
Smile n Let The World Wonder Why 😘 #MusicMG #HaanHaanHumPeeteHain First Look Coming Soon 😈
I may be young, but where I want to be in life has always been as clear as water for me. Which is why I surround myself with those on the same mission as me. #NoToxicPeopleAllowed #positivevibesonly #mycaptionsneverhaveanythingtodowithmypics I just speak my mind here and there 😏😁
always me
MARK HELP THEM THEY HAVE TO BE GOOD BOYS! - Max #textpost #textposts
President #DonaldTrump took another step to revive U.S. manufacturing, and protect national security, by greenlighting an investigation into aluminum imports.
These recent Utah storms have brought us some killer spring riding conditions. If you've never ridden a @bdturbo @polarissnow Axys 800 with @zbroz_racing suspension...I strongly suggest you give it a try. These sleds are rocket ships 🚀 -- Great day with the dudes @the.muscle @hans_sparksmotors @utvunderground @therj37 @joeyd23 @klimgear
This pony could barely walk because his hooves hadn't been trimmed in 10 YEARS. 💔 His rescuers carefully cut his hooves and gave him a much needed haircut. 👏 Now he spends his time strolling in the grass. 🐴💞  #animalrescue #pony #rescue (📹: @animauxenperil)
2015 vs 2017 (>人<;) I've really improved on the way I drew leaves, if I do say so myself 😂~ I didn't actually look at the old drawing much when I "redrew" it though, so there are places I would've done differently had I actually looked at the old version... Anyways, #tbt of sorts? Haha. Sorry I keep posting these Lolol~ there are a lotta old daily sketch stuff I wanna redo actually. I guess I shouldn't make a comparison every time but it's just fun.....😆 Might delete later when I clean house haha~
Não podia deixar de postar esse boomerang! Kkk 😂💃🏻 #aloka #metendodança
Ready? 📸 @kodaklens
sunset, hurry take the pic @kymakenadean
😻😻 men crush everyday!
From @keepingupwithleisho: "No stress, chill all day” #catsofinstagram
Wandered into @violetgrey today and there was interior inspo and product porn in every nook. #brbmovingin 😍
Finally home from what can only be described as the longest day ever! This season I've been so freakin busy with DWTS rehearsals that I barley have time to sleep let alone think about what to eat! I noticed everybody talking about @hellofresh and decided it was about time I checked them out! I gotta say, It’s amazing to come home and have all the fresh ingredients waiting for me so I can follow the recipe steps to cook up a quick meal. (Because if it ain't quick.. I don't have time) Every recipe has been freakin DELICIOUS and Makes being healthy so much easier. I love it and now I wanna share that love with my code "Sharna30" for you all to get $30 off your first week at hellofresh.com  #ad #hellofreshpics #getcooking #dwts
inches on inches, my hair got so long 💅🏼
Ya know, typical Thursday! Guest judging @nbcagt. It's super fun and everyone's been really nice to me! I do, however, have to apologize for 1) my goof wad smile--it's just not doing anyone any favors and for 2) cutting Mel B's face in half. I can explain! I was rushing! These mega-selfies are a lot of pressure!!!!! Gahhhhhhh (runs into ocean screaming)
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