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Happy birthday, @ChanningTatum. Nobody looks better in their birthday suit.
@marcusbleasdale War is not always about death and destruction. In the middle of a conflict villagers return from their farms with food for their families. Despite the violence and constant oppression, they have time for fun with a photographer. Learn more about the conflict and the people of CAR in the new edition of the National Geographic Magazine which includes a reportage shot by me over four years in the Central African Republic. It represents the people of CAR and their struggle for survival during the #carcrisis. The iPad or iPhone edition will include additional photos. Incredible text by @petergwin. Thanks to all the staff at National Geographic Magazine and @humanrightswatch and all those in CAR who helped to make this piece a reality. Special thanks to @bouckap
This makes me so happy. @conner24_ you are incredible. #Repost @espn ・・・ From the Pittsburgh Panthers to the Pittsburgh Steelers. From cancer patient to NFL draftee. What a moment for James Conner.
Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo A Red Fox begs for food from passing vehicles after a brutal winter storm in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Lately, I've been making photos from the Aleutian Islands, documenting the collision of man, industry, and nature in this remote and rugged corner of the world. The exhibition "Aleutian Dreams" is now on display at @richardhellergallery in Los Angeles thru May 6 and @hartmanfineart in Portland, OR thru May 27. ------------------------------- Click my profile link @arni_coraldo to see the rest of the series. #fox #night #redfox #alaska #unalaska #dutchharbor #humananimals #wildlife
@RobertClarkphoto The Greater Flamingo's signature pink coloring is the result of its diet. Flamingos consume massive amounts of animal and plant plankton very rich in beta carotene. A rich pink coat indicates the bird has a healthy diet, making it more attractive to potential mates. The Greater Flamingo lives in the wild in Africa, Southern Europe and parts of Asia. This picture is part of a larger body of work about feathers, #PigmentaryColor and #StructuralColor. Look at my feed and learn more about feathers.
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Babe v.2, visual upgrades n shit 🤗 #dipyourself #plastidip #dipest
Stress off.
@ashleylseifert showing me how strong she is! Hanging out at #fdorl all weekend! Come say hi at the @bcracingna booth!! #driftfamily #clubbronco #bcracing #formuladrift
You can start your diet next year.
#TBT to 20 years ago. Don't miss tomorrow's show.
It's almost like he knew he was going to wind up in our Instagram. #EDbypetsmart
You haven't met a party animal until you've met @SalmaHayek's dog Lupe.
A rainbow beach? Bali, Indonesia. Photo by @iwwm
This means the world to me. I still think you cheated. ❤️ #Repost @michelleobama ・・・ Hey, @theellenshow! I may have schooled you in pushups, but when it comes to courage and kindness, you are always a champ. 💪🏿 #thankyouellen
🐕🐶😍❤ 📷 @wscam Tag Your Friends📌 #animalss_gram
LADIES WE LOVE is our interview series with women from around the world that provide us inspiration through their travels and their personal stories. This week we got to know Mel Wells, @iammelwells, Bestselling Author of #TheGoddessRevolution! _____ In this interview Mel shares her thoughts on being a female entrepreneur, her fabulous new book, and her advice on how to live a healthier life. Oh and don't forget about her amazing insight into living in Bali as a fearless expat. Read the full interview on ______ We publish 5 new stories a week from our travel community. Become a WATG Contributor by submitting a travel post, reviews and tips directly over on our site. ______ #wearetravelgirls #watg #watgbali #bali #thegoddessrevolution #nusapenida
Audi R8 Razor Spyder GTR! Rate it 1-100 👇 • Follow @aveniksmm • • Photo by: @philiplueck#kingzwhips #audi #r8
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