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I am a paradox. . I am strong and vulnerable. Half of me is loquacious and bursting with words, while the other half is painfully shy. I crave my solitude but I also want to meet people and have experiences. I am cold hearted and closed off yet I can pour love into life and others. . I want the rush of adrenaline, making rash decisions, and yet I need time to plan it out and contemplate. I am brash and strong willed but can be soft and feminine. I am traditional and rebellious. . There is possibility in paradox. We humans are messy and full of contradictions. It’s okay to be complicated because balance is full of opposition. If ever you feel like you don’t belong, you are wrong. Being different is human and in a world where people are so scared to stand out. Be strong enough to be who you are no matter what. I love not being what people expect me to be. I love meeting people who aren’t what I expected. . Your dimensions where never meant to fit into one box.
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I'm tryin' to have F-U-N If you don't like it, F-U-then, bit*h 😝😜
On the streets with Tomáš Moravec who affixed a set of wheels onto a wooden pallet and proceeded to ride down an entire tram track in Bratislava, Slovakia Follow @URBANSPOON
queerleader ( credit : @drewgurian )
"and you will understand why it didn't work out with anyone else." 🥀
#SoulAwakening was the first record that I ever felt Gods presence so intense. I was sitting at the counter listening to the beat and the Holy Spirit began giving me the lyrics. #WaybackWednesday @xenlounge #SoulAwakening is the title track from my debut EP Soul Awakening I’m thinking about dropping the record for the people. #AspireToInspire