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    21-Apr-2017 20:53:30 PM
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Time to relax with a cheeky beer😂 big day in kitchen with @sergio.perera doing the photo shoot for the vegetarian lifestyle guide! #vegetarian #option #coming #soon #lifestyle #guide #twenty40food #twenty40training #health #fitness
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Поздравляем всех Мусульман с благословенным Праздником Ураза-Байрам☝🏼
Bath time with my crazy kids. It's been a rough day. Teething is so HARD, especially times three. Can't wait to get them into bed. I'm working tomorrow. 7am start. Hoping these three are on their best behaviour tonight. We are in need of some decent zzz.
I will tell you all about why I have been gone from social media. But just now I just want to say hello and tell you I'm Ok and give you all A BIG hug for keeping follow me! I will keep updating from now on! Love/ J💚 #love
Sebaiknya untuk alasan kebersihan, jangan berbagi deodorant dengan orang lain. Karena berbagi deodorant bisa membuat bakteri dari tubuh orang lain berpindah ke kita. . Namun, berbeda halnya jika kamu menggunakan deodorant jenis spray, karena ini tak menempel langsung pada kulit. . #infia #infiafact #healthfacts #healthy #health #ketiak #ketek #deodorant
Bizden herkese sağlıklı , huzurlu , mutlu bayramlar 😜 💣 #happybayram #mutlubayramlar #eidmubarak
Let's get those points for Holland 🇳🇱4x400 time at 16:20u 💪🏼Watch it LIVE at Eurosport 🌈 #TeamNL
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