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The #perfect exercise to reset your posture! 🏆The farmer carry👩‍🌾 is super simple and incredibly effective. When you put heavy weight in each hand, you will instinctively stand more upright and get your posture lined up in a better position without postural cues. Try to walk around for 2 minutes carrying 75% of your body weight!!! 😳You might need to start light, but work up to that weight weight over the next few months. 💪 . . By applying the postural cues from this past week to the farmer carry, your posture will be on point!👆 Find your pelvic neutral↔️, shift your weight over your mid-foot👣, tuck the ribs down to brace the core↩️, pull your shoulders back and down⬅️⬇️, and retract the head🗣. . . Usually the first thing to fatigue during a farmer carry is your grip! ✊Grip is an excellent way to measure ⚖️full body strength. If you can’t hold onto something for 2 minutes without your grip failing, it is a good indicator that your postural strength is shot too. -💻Written by Andrew Dettelbach . . ⚡️Got back pain? We’ve been there! Click the link in our bio or go to to sign up for the free webinars this Tuesday and Wednesday.🌟Learn about the MoveU Method. Get back to an awesome and active life! Or don’t…⚡️ . . #MoveU #TheBackPainGuys #Education #Sport #Therapy #Fitness #Fitfam #fitspo #Backpain #lift #carlsbad #StickMobility #LuLuLemon #VivoBarefoot #Onnit #Hyperice #stretch #noexcuses #Strength #joint #lol #silly #mobility #posture #hardwork #GripStrength #TraderJoes
* It's just begun🇺🇬 Photo by @01homeless #Uganda #education #honda #soccer #child #children
CALVES SORE? WHICH STRETCH 🤔 [Calf Stetching 101] . Hey everyone! Here is a very quick demo @jessrehab and myself put together the other day for stretching out those tight calves following a workout. . Our "calves" are actually made up of a number of muscles in the back side of our leg so we have to know how to be able to bias each one to stretch it out. . LEFT- SOLEUS - Slight knee bend in the targeted leg RIGHT - GASTROCS - Knee straight in targeted leg . Again, not rocket science but the soleus stretch is often neglected as it's a deep postural muscle which means it can tend to get overused throughout the day. Your gastrocs on the other hand are the fast/explosive muscle you would typically feel sore after a run. . Try this out and leave a comment below! . Tag your friends with tight calves! . . #calves #leg #legworkout #legsfordays #legpain . #myodetox #2017 #futureproofyourbody
Your past can push you to be better than you were yesterday. Thank you @officiallyjpa for sharing this powerful photo and a huge congrats on all your success. This is just the beginning! #SchoolsNotPrisons