• I thought they were snickerdoodles lol
    21-Apr-2017 18:57:17 PM
  • 21-Apr-2017 19:12:13 PM
  • Do you make posts of how to make some foods? I would love if you did because personally, I can't just eye whenever something's done or enough, I have to be exact
    21-Apr-2017 19:31:50 PM
  • @rsl_xiled I don't but I follow chefs like onceuponachef, feedmephoebe or ina garten. The recipes they have are so good and you can never go wrong. Then again practice makes perfect 😊 If you need help with some dishes let me know or just dm me. I'd be happy to teach you!
    21-Apr-2017 21:10:59 PM
  • Ok thank you so much!
    21-Apr-2017 21:11:35 PM
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