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Photograph by @paulnicklen // Hanging it high! What species of whale do you think this is? The trailing edge of the tail provides a great clue. Also, why is this species a ‘good news story’? #followme on @paulnicklen to learn more about this great species. #whale #nature #naturelovers #hangone #photooftheday #picoftheday
Afternoons with my beautiful @oliviaculpo in LA 👯❤️
#tbt to the one time Leon was the favorite. Luckily it only lasted a week😛 #srybutno #frenchie #frenchbulldog
I should be packing buuuuttt... Playing around the the @carolinegco météore reverb instead, finding my favourite setting, such a nice tone to it. Ace pedal, thanks so much @carolinegco I'm going to be using it a lot from now on 🎸😁
Back in the studio. Great tour x good behavior = zero downtime 💥🥊
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A #Leopard tries dragging an Impala higher up her tree as another Leopard approaches below. #MoremiGameReserve, #Botswana. The red light is used because it causes much less stress than a white spot light. She was later able to get the Impala to a higher branch but almost dropped it on this attempt! Can you imagine carrying something close to your own weight by your teeth while climbing a tree!?
NickiMinajStore.com 👚👕 💳📦 🎀~ Who's gonna be ready for the World Tour? 🌎👀🤐 ~ Make sure you're wearing something that says #NoFrauds 🦄
He doesnt exist lol
Cuando casi te matas grabando haha 😍❤️ #balandrabeach #experienciacalafiamex #nosotrostemovemos #lapaz
We’re thrilled to announce that our community has grown to more than 700 million Instagrammers. And the last 100 million of you joined faster than ever. We’ve made it even easier for people across the globe to join the Instagram community, share their experiences and strengthen connections to their friends and passions. With new features like stories, live video and disappearing messages in Direct, people now have more ways than ever to express themselves and feel closer to what matters to them. From all of us at Instagram, thank you! Photo by @heysp
Este fue mi outfit completo para este día de Lifweek, mi look total es de @cocojolieperu y lo combiné con unas zapatillas cortez de @nike en tonos claros! 👟❤ @estefanie.renteria #cortez #nike
Siempre es bonito visitarte viejo❤️ Cumpliré todas mis promesas✔️ Nos vemos pronto❤️
Photo @ladzinski / A young #lion cub hiding in a #shepardsTree waiting for mom to show up, hopefully with a meal. The first few months for new born lions is the most dangerous. This cub, along with his siblings, are too young to bring back to the pride, there is a risk they could be accidentally killed by the family. It's moms responsibility to hide them from predators, hunt and get them strong in the meantime. #kalahari
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