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Relationships are like stair steps. Each ones helps develop you into the person you're destined to become. No matter how good or how bad each one may be, they develop the next level of your character. Just like steps, you're getting closer to a certain pre-designed destiny. I'm the woman that can stand before today because I've been through so much hurt and pain. As far as failed relationships, it's ok if they don't "work out". That's just another step you took towards the bigger picture. Take the good you learned and apply it to the next level. There's only one reason I don't look at my past in a negative light... Because without ALL the obstacles I endured, I wouldn't be nearly as strong & resilient as I am now. I grew into womanhood at an early age and took on responsibilities that the average female couldn't phantom. But it's ok. I use my story to help empower other women. And I plan to help my ladies out there find "Mr. Right" by taking the first step into find your self-love & confidence. 🤗 . If this is you, Dm me your E📪 and I'll send you my 30 & 90 Day online program details to kickstart your journey! . Dress| @atlmrs
House Goals?! 😍 Double Tap if you wanna move in here! • Follow @designlovr for awesome daily content! 📷 Unknown (dm) #mansion #design #home
Our classic Antique Black Verona Dining Collection features a distressed finish and looks like it was discovered in a farmhouse in the Italian countryside. (link in profile to shop) #WorldMarket #HomeDecor
Foto do projeto do closet pra te avisar que SAIU VÍDEO NOVO contando tudo sobre a chegada e montagem do nosso tão sonhado closet! Ficou LINDO gente! Obrigada @studiom.arq pelo projeto incrível ❤ link pro vídeo direto aqui no perfil do insta 💋
O mix de espelhos e pôsteres é uma ideia superbacana para decorar a parede. A minigeladeira retrô e a cristaleira antiga completam o look descolado do ambiente, que fica no apartamento da confeiteira @carolecrema. 📷: Estúdio Pulpo  #revistacasaclaudia #decor #decoração #homedecor #decoracaodeinteriores #parede #interiordesign #carolecrema
Impatiently planning our lighting update in here- going round and round on finish and style. Maybe I should worry about getting my Alabama bags unpacked first before committing to involved weekend projects 🙈 Full source list and wall colors in my summer home tour on #liketkit #ltkhome #breakfastnook
❤who's on holiday today? Our balkony inspiration❤ nasze wakacje we wrzesniu...a Wy kochani? Kto na urlopie? Kto przed? A kto nie moze sie doczekac pieknej pozdrozy? Bede na ten weekend kombinowac mila miejacowke w ogrodzie...poduchy,lampki...grill...bedzie super:) #nightlife #balkony #bigcity #lights #bulbs #cozy #relax #party #decoration #homedecor #interior #terrace #poland #memories #perfectview