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http://brandfuge.io/angiegradfullLavender i

Lavender ice cream 🍦

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    21-Apr-2017 17:28:57 PM
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"Bym mógł w ziemię wrosnąć, strzelić potem do słońca smreczyną. I na zawsze szumieć już nad swoją dziedziną..." 💕 #mountains #myhome #beautiful #love #loveit #forest #Dunajec #river #green #nature #instagood #instadaily #instagold #wievs #Poland #Ochotnica #Tylmanowa #tumblr #l4l #followme #polishgirl #polskadziewczyna #sun #sky #haveaniceday #xoxo
Words can't bring you down
So I turned 28 years old today🎊, & a friend asked me what is one of most important thing you've learned in your 28 years...and it's simple ...JUST KEEP GOING. No matter what your goal or your dream. The only thing holding you back is yourself..your own fears..your own insecurities..stop being afraid of failing, stop being afraid of the unknown, stop limiting yourself. Fuck all the nonsense..the nay sayers..the negative people. Believe in YOU. I am grateful to be able to be writing this message to you guys today and on this same day the equipment for my gym ( @zooculture) was unloaded... a dream when I was 16 years old coming to fruition today...12 years later...don't get caught up in the "how long" it might take or how hard it may be. JUST KEEP GOING. & if no one believes in you..well I do.
Feel good✨😋 @kazefresh
Double tap if you loved them on-screen ❤️ Follow @filmygyanvideos for video content :)
Total look from @baby_aussie_shop #jaokajaokha Thank you naka🎀
We're with you, Manchester.
One of the most comfortable jeans 👖👖 @americaneagleth #americaneagleth
اول شي الحمدالله يارب ثاني شي بعد عمري ومشكورين وربي لا يحرمني منكم وثالث شي الي بيحط سنابه خلى يحط ❤️😍🌹. 817k 😊
Monaco City
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