2 weeks ago

#FoodIMake 😋 I'm just really thankful that my lunch turned out well! -1 tortilla shell🌯 -1.5 servings shredded cheese🧀 -1 zucchini🙄 -1 cup kale🌳 -Side of caesar (ate about a tsp)☺ -Sriracha (ate about 2 tsp)🌶 -1/2 tbsp butter, for cooking👅{ #fit #fitjourney #weight  #weightloss #losingweight #fitnessjourney #health  #healthy #body #bodypositivity #fitnessjourney #fitlifestyle #fitness #food #foodporn #healthyfood #healthyliving #fitfam  #fitlife #fit #fitnessmotivation #foodie #fitfoodie #onthego }

  • It looks so good!!!
    21-Apr-2017 20:29:06 PM
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