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Crazy Concept😍Do you know what this is? Via @_millionairemafia_
When I'm watching TV, sometimes I absentmindedly create designs on my leg.
WWW.DESIGN-INSPIRATION.NET link in profile @_design_inspiration tag #design_inspiration_net to get featured _____ Design by: Art Lebedev - Exoatlet exoskeleton design Exoatlet creates exoskeletons that allow people with musculoskeletal disorders move freely and enjoy life. An exoskeleton is a motorized frame that attaches to a person’s body and allows them to walk, sit and stand up without outside help. An exoskeleton provides a way to restore motor functions for people who have recently been injured with partial loss of sensation in legs, while to wheelchair users it gives a chance to visit previously inaccessible places and becomes an effective means of rehabilitation: normal walking significantly improves health and gives freedom and joy to a person who has spent a long time in a wheelchair. Design of the exoskeleton exterior was created at the studio. The structural part of the exoskeleton is hidden behind a fabric cover that makes the high-tech device look like a casual piece of clothing. The fabric does not considerably increase the weight of the device which prevents it from looking like body armor and its user appearing like a cyborg. A regular-looking backpack hides the lumbar corset that supports the back as well as additional controls and batteries. _____ @_design_inspiration [+155k] link in bio
We couldnt find bridesmaid dresses we all loved off the peg so I designed our own and got @Thezipyarddublin2 to make them from scratch! Each one slightly different and to suit our own styles but all made in the same fabric. Thanks Alba & Paulina for bringing the vision to life... it was my first time getting something made completely by The Zip Yard on south Anne st and not just altered! Big thanks to all the time and extra effort your team put in. Xxx #zipyard #bridesmaid #maidofhonour #designs #silk #dresses
Sources say Kyrie Irving requested a trade before the draft, apparently he wanted to join the Chicago Bulls but lost all interest when Jimmy Butler was traded away. How would Kyrie Irving do with his prefered teammate Jimmy Butler on the Timberwolves? #posterizes
Guess what's the theme of my next article? in the picture the Botanic Garden of Oaxaca in Mexico