2 weeks ago
http://brandfuge.io/tcmfgamesIM READDDD

IM READDDDYYYYYY !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Just buy battlefront
    22-Apr-2017 04:35:25 AM
  • @j.alonzo.209 i'd say they were decent. But if you compare them with other games they really aren't worth that much. But seeing as i am most likely talking to a "hardcore" fan, i won't go in further on the discussion. Activision is trash. Period.
    22-Apr-2017 04:42:35 AM
  • Also CoD is certainly not copying DICE here in the fact that it's a WW game. The fact that Battlefield took a direction to the past rather than the future, which proved a wise choice, i'd say Activision is certainly copying DICE in that regard. I wonder if they will take the same direction as DICE, a WW game where people use weapons that never saw battle rather than realism.
    22-Apr-2017 04:46:46 AM
  • @markulrich010 I can't agree with that at all, there's no denying the greatness that World at War had but to start off The Modern Warfare franchise was the best in the Cod series period. Modern Warfare was the start of Nukes, 1 V 1s etc. And there's no denying the greatness from Modern Warfare 2, even you being a i guess World at War lover can't deny that. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but if you'd ask not even hardcore fans but just a regular fan Cod they'd tell you that Activision in its prime ran the show
    22-Apr-2017 04:49:54 AM
  • @markulrich010 oh and by the way WW2 was in the works before Battlefield 1, so they couldn't have copied DICE
    22-Apr-2017 04:51:55 AM
  • Reznov. Missed him
    22-Apr-2017 05:09:52 AM
  • 😱
    22-Apr-2017 06:05:56 AM
  • 22-Apr-2017 06:52:03 AM
  • I can't believe it
    22-Apr-2017 10:42:01 AM
  • 😍🔥🔥
    22-Apr-2017 12:03:13 PM
  • Gonna be dope as hell
    22-Apr-2017 14:55:55 PM
  • Ni🅱🅱a we also got ww3 coming up
    22-Apr-2017 15:08:15 PM
  • @hilpop94 I think sledgehammer
    22-Apr-2017 16:01:00 PM
  • Might be good again maybe
    22-Apr-2017 16:30:57 PM
  • 22-Apr-2017 17:29:12 PM
  • 26-Apr-2017 05:22:00 AM
  • @victgab va etre bon dans yeule
    26-Apr-2017 22:54:19 PM
  • Trailer est sorti ca lair 🔥🔥 @pierreluc_nadeau
    26-Apr-2017 22:55:03 PM
  • @victgab sort au mois de nov 👌🏼
    27-Apr-2017 16:25:29 PM
  • @pierreluc_nadeau achat assuré
    27-Apr-2017 16:26:06 PM
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