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🎥New Video🍹🍌7 SMOOTHIES FOR THE WEEK+3 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE! Let's prepare our bodies with these raw vegan, yummy smoothies before the 3 Day Vegan Challenge begins!💪 All these vegan recipes will help you have a healthier lifestyle🌿. Some benefits are: more energy, weight loss and mental clarity 😁 How to participate in the challenge? 1. Subscribe here to my channel: 2. SUBSCRIBE to link on my profile- so you can get your shopping list for the challenge. 3. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook so you can share your photos. 4. When you share a pic, use these hashtags: #RawvanaChallenge #Rawvana Who’s joining?! ————————————————— 🎥Video Nuevo🍹🍓7 LICUADOS PARA LA SEMANA + RETO 3 DIAS VEGANO de Rawvana! Vamos a preparar nuestro cuerpo para el Reto de 3 Dias Vegano al incorporar un licuado a nuestro dia antes de comenzar este reto vegano y crudivegano. Todas estas son recetas veganas para que puedas llevar una vida saludable! Algunos beneficios son mas energia, adelgazar en una semana y claridad mental. Que tienes que hacer para participar en este reto? 1. Suscribirte aqui a mi canal: 2. SUSCRIBIRTE a en mi perfil para que recibas tu lista de compras para el reto. 3. Seguirme en Instagram y Facebook para que puedas compartir tus fotos 4. Cuando compres tus comidas para el reto sube una foto usando el #RawvanaChallenge #Rawvana #RetoRawvana Quien se va a unir?!
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The main factors that determine body composition and fat loss are: 1️⃣ Diet 2️⃣ Sleep 3️⃣ Exercise Diet it the # 1 factor that will determine your body composition. You can’t out train a bad diet! 💥 @rpstrength has NEW diet templates!!!! # The design has changed to make them more user-friendly. The 2.0 version works INCREDIBLY well and now that we’ve improved the design and user-friendliness we're very confident this will be the best diet product in the industry. Most of the @rp_transformations results come from version 2.0. ❤ # From now through Cyber Monday, they're discounted at $89 (instead of $109) and will include a special bonus recipe and a FREE copy of "Understanding Healthy Eating". 📚
I am always visualizing what I want my goal to be like. I feel like a lot of people grow muscle with the intent of just getting big. But you should consider building each muscle for proportions. Proportional physiques will look better regardless of how much you weigh. Being proportion also means the waist too! Haha be mindful this thanksgiving weekend! #yourbodyisatemple - - Running a SALE on training!! Free Mass & Aesthetics v.1 with the purchase of 8,12 or 16 week diet/coaching programs! Programs include: - customized diet plans - Weekly check-ins - Supplement support #ClassicPhysique #TeamCutz X #Alfitness21 @Goldenaestheticsofficial
If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice.
When you’re looking for a place to do a handstand but you’re not in the mood for the floor. @theacrocaveman