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Dexter was obsessed with my sandal last night AND this morning. Not sure why...maybe it was the catnip. 🙄 WATCH TIL THE VERY END! Dexter is a psycho cat I tell you! Or it must be when he's on the catnip. 🤣 #catvideo #crazycat #psychocat #catnipgotmelike #9gagpets #catattack

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. Guten Morgen ihr Granaten!💪 Den #transformationtuesday habe ich gestern verpasst 😁oder auch vergessen #teamvergesslon🙈 Das Bild entstand Ende letzten Jahres - mal schauen was Ende diesen Jahres übrig bleibt 🖒 Jetzt heißts erstmal: Leben und Genießen 🏖✈🌸❤Vergesst das nie bei allem Körperkult ihr Lieben - man lebt nur ein Mal 😘 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #transformation #happygirl #flexing #mcfit #proudtobemcfit #madebymcfit #bootybuilding #aesthetics #mcfitmodels #muscle #fitness #fitnessmodel #model #diät #beauty #girlswithmuscle #abnehmen #youcandoit #fitspo #quads #legs #bossgirl #strength #strongnotskinny #fitchick #girlswholift #gains #bodybuilding
こんばんは、seicoです。 最近、何となく疲れているようで、 気がつくと緑の多い場所にいたりします(^^;; よく見ると目の上が凹んでたりして、 … 資料とかの見過ぎかな? 季節の変わり目のせい? とにかく、今日は早めに寝ます。 #selfie #selca #portrait #me #green #relax #relaxtime #walking #park #ootd #outfit #outfitoftheday #hak #michaelkors #listeningtomusic #red #releasethepanic #instamood #instapic #instagood #instagram #さすがに #知らないかな #REDだよ #レッチリじゃなくて #とりあえず #写真好きな人と繋がりたい #写真撮ってる人と繋がりたい #音楽好きな人と繋がりたい
❤WRINKLY HEAVEN❤ 🌟🐶x5🌟 #tbt Past Wrinkly Litter 😎🖒 Wrinkly Enzo, W. Odin, W. Morgan @jenniferpaige @mattcatfamous , W.Tommy @hrhannabelle @dmteachey & Wrinkly Morita 😍 PUPS AVAILABLE!!! All of our pups come with: -Microchip -Shots and deworms set up to date -Health certificate -Health warranty We can ship to all USA & CANADA Feel free to call or text us at 786-327-4484 to Reserve one of our babies available. #wrinklybulldogs #bullyinstagram #bullypics #loveabully #puppysketch #animaladdicts #pupflix #puppystagrams #babyanimalstagram #cutewildanimals  #animalsco #wrinklynation
I missed out on all Melbourne shows and the Adelaide show happy to say I'm going to Sydney 😁😁😁 @skbaker1402 you're a legend! ❤️ #weloveyoued #ed #sheeran #2018 #sydney
A lot of blood, sweat, and YEARS here! Figured I'll post this transformation cuz 1) it's Tuesday but not sure why it matters lol 2) you guys always get a kick out of my perms-bulk face(when my intake was >5000cal a day) and 3) more importantly to show I've literally been through it all!...Since day one I've been my own coach, and will remain so. Top Left I believe I topped out at about 189lbs in 2014. Bottom Left was 09/10 at about 120lbs. And the most recent photo was a couple days ago weighing in at 156lbs, 13 Days Out. Oh and did I mention my current conditioning was brought to you all by Flexible Dieting and tracking Macros🤘💪 @LiranzoFit #LFTeam #6.5YearsOfNaturalBodybuilding
SAVAGE LEG GAINS Follow @ulissesworld😂💪👊 (TAG A FRIEND) @ulissesworld @ulissesworld Download his eBooks 📚👉Link at @ulissesworld Bio👈 WWW.ULISSESWORLD.COM
Time for a tidy up? Cam layered up with @marksandspencerau. More via the link in the bio. #ad #marksandspencerstyle #shoppinglinks
Form Update 🎉 Inzwischen bin ich bei glatten 106kg angekommen, was dann jetzt genau 10kg weniger als zu beginn der Diät sind 😥 Immerhin ist die Diät an sich seit dem wechseln von Ketogen zu High Carb wesentlich entspannter 😅 Danke an dieser Stelle an den guten @horstkevinofficial der mich davon überzeugt hat, dass es auf lange Sicht gesehen besser für mich ist. Hatteste absolut Recht Alter 😂 Jetzt sitze ich frisch nach dem Training auf meiner Couch und esse die vierte Portion Reis mit Pute an diesem Tag 🍚+🐔=💪 ================================= 🔽Mein YouTube Kanal🔽 ⏩Bodylab24⏪ ℹNeustes Video in der Insta Bioℹ ================================= 🔽Meine Supplements🔽 ⏩ @officialbodylab24⏪ ⏩www.bodylab24.de⏪ 10% auf alle Produkte mit dem Code WHATEVER ℹKostenlose Beratung zu Produkten per DM oder Facebook! ================================= HDGDL aber HARDCORE!!!
Welp... 14 wks to turn this old rig into something champion worthy. Glad to share a bit of my journey for motivation and most importantly draw inspiration from you guys! 🙏🏾 Thank u in advance! www.ajfit.online➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #magnum #alphaclothing #AAC #gym #wbff #musclemodel #lifestyle #aesthetic #physique #worlds #ajfit #nutrition #compprep #ajellison
Looking down at the coffee stain on my pants. 😂☕️ I am known for spilling things, tripping over imaginary objects, dropping an object and then dropping it again lol. Some days nothing goes right. But maybe, just maybe, I like being imperfect.😛💕 - PS...just posted a new YouTube video! -
Not-maintainable versus maintainable. - I know I have posted many of my original competition days in the past and many of you began following me at that time. At the time I did not know the importance of proper nutrition. All I knew was what I had heard online about how to get lean. AKA fish, asparagus and cardio. I saw nothing wrong with that - completely ignorant to what my body needed to properly function. Years of living restricted dieting lead to many food sensitivities & metabolic issues. - These are not things that you can fix overnight. It has taken me years to get back into an actual healthy comfortable state. Which is where I am today. I've never been happier with my overall look, but most importantly I feel the best I have in years! And the best part is I can happily maintain my current look! I don't restrict foods, I eat intuitively, I listen to my body and I don't stress the gym or how much protein i have had. I'm just living - making more good decisions than bad ones. And even when I make a "bad" one I don't feel bad because it's not as common as my good decisions. You are a product of what you do most of the time so keep that in mind. - I've had many people reach out to me desiring this balance. Even several IFBB pros have approached me wanting tips on how to get back to this "normal" balanced life. A life where fitness is a "part" of your life & not your "whole" life. It's an easy thing to get wrapped up in. And when you're wrapped up in it anything less than your best in your mind is unacceptable. I have no real tips on this part. For me I just see it logically. Logically eating hundreds calories a day doing hours of cardio a day and running my body in the dirt doesn't make sense. So why I would want to do that? Instead I would rather enjoy my fun circuit training, eat good healthy food with treats on occasion and enjoy time with my loved ones and friends whenever it's convenient for THEM. For years due to my strict regimen any outings had to be convenient for only ME. I was so selfish and never realized it. I've been on both ends of the spectrum and I can tell you now that at that time I did not see it how I see it now - (Continued in comments)
Instead of barking at those pesky pimples to clear up. Take action! Nutritionist  @rajbarker recommends cutting back on the sweet stuff. You can start by simply swapping your jar of Nutella for our scrumptious sugar-free Nut-Ella Crunch Bark. Find the recipe by retyping 👉http://bit.ly/2qdITvI👈 into a new window. For more of Raj's tips & tricks on how to achieve clear & radiant skin. Head to the link posted in the comments below (you'll need to retype the link into a new window).
Wisst ihr was mich glücklich macht? ESSEN! Und wisst ihr was mich als halb Mexi noch glücklicher macht? MEXIKANISCHES ESSEN 😍👏🏽 Tortillas sind etwas was ich sehr vermisst habe 🌯 Eine gut schmeckende Low Carb Variante hatte ich bisher noch nicht ausfindig machen können. Bis jetzt! VIVA @shanoo_fitness 💃🏽🎉 Denn ich habe sie endlich gefunden: DIE ultimativ super leckeren Low-Carb Tortillas mit nur 111 Kalorien und 4,4 gr. Kohlenhydrate pro Tortilla, auf 100gr. sogar 17gr. Protein 💪🏽 Dazu auch noch Vegan 😎 Und wenn es mal schnell gehen muss passt perfekt die vegane "Chili sin carne" Sauce dazu 👌🏽 Mit 75 kcal auf 100gr. Soße, kann man sich blitzschnell (z.b. in der Mikrowelle) warme gefüllte, kalorienarme, leckere Tortillas zaubern. Ich freue mich einfach tierisch darüber und kann nun endlich wieder meine heiß geliebten Tortillas essen ❤ Die müsst ihr probieren 🤤🌯 ------------------------------------------- #lowcalorie #veggie #foodlover #dietfood #eathealthy #eatclean #lowcarb #bodybuilding #lowcarbtortillas #tortillas #absaremadeinthekitchen #burritos #tasty #vegan #chilisincarne #happygirl #latingirl #mexicanfood #shanoo #bodygoals #lifestyle #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #abnehmen #offseason #fitfood #krafttraining #foodporn #highprotein #lowfat
The focused Valentino look.
My family 💛🖤💛🏆🥇So much love for what you all did for me today 💕It's been a long time since I've felt this success so to have the people that mean most to me by my side .. what more can a girl ask for 😊 State champ 💛💛
Dinner time at @serafinanewyork tonight!🌸 Who else love Italian food? Captured by: @theprinceofpeace #meetpackingdistrict #nyc #dinner #serafina #food #foodie #Italian #dinnerdate
Now that's a spicy meatball... 📸 @tedgrambeau #behindtherock #surfinglife
Comfort level on 💯 📷 By @1stedit #boostVIBES
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