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http://brandfuge.io/tezla_memesHe looks g

He looks guilty😂 Ignore tags: 🔹 🔸 🔹 🔸 🔹 🔸 🔹 🔸 🔹 🔸 🔹 🔸 🔹 🔸 🔹 🔸 #meme #memes #funnyposts #funny #awsome #racist #9gag #memesforlife #dank #dankmemes #hilarious #callofduty #cod #bf #battlefield #comedy #nochill #funnypic

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What would you like for dinner ? 😉🍷🍽
sislove 😍💕
Good morning! Wishing you all a great day 🙏
We're restocking our KKW X KYLIE collab today at 3pm on KylieCosmetics.com
#MarcadorMLB El dominicano Edwin Encarnación conectó su primer jonrón en el Progresive Field.
Video by @Filipe_DeAndrade @brianmoghari and @mckenziebarney | While they’re excellent natural pollinators and extremely beneficial to their environment, the ruby-throated hummingbird makes it quite a challenge to get a great shot. But it’s a fun challenge. For this adventure we wanted to film them on their migratory path back to Central America for the winter. We knew that at that point on their migration they would be extra aggressive and territorial over food sources since they have to travel over 500 miles without stopping. There was a lot of coffee and a lot of nectar drank on this shoot. Check out the entire sequence in my series #WildUntamed on natgeowild.com/untamed or click the link in my personal bio.
new - kareena kapoor khan spotted yesterday.✨💓 . . . #جديد ؛ رصدت #كارينا امس خارجه من الصالون ✨ جمالها وجمال اطلالتها 💓 . . . #kareenakapoor #kareenakapoorkhan #bollywood #beauty
Easily slayin every steps 😭💕
Musafir hun yaaro, na Ghar hai na thikana, hamein bas chalte Jana hai ✈
Park Life: So nice to be out today!
#SocialSports El dominicano Vladimir Guerrero jugando sofball en su tiempo libre. (📷- @supervlad27)
Photo @ladzinski / A young #lion cub hiding in a #shepardsTree waiting for mom to show up, hopefully with a meal. The first few months for new born lions is the most dangerous. This cub, along with his siblings, are too young to bring back to the pride, there is a risk they could be accidentally killed by the family. It's moms responsibility to hide them from predators, hunt and get them strong in the meantime. #kalahari
new - bebo with @therealkarismakapoor 😻✨ . . . #جديد ؛ بيبو مع اختها #كاريشما ✨ جمال الاخوات الكابوري 😻 . . . #kareenakapoor #kareenakapoorkhan #bollywood #karismakapoor
Big big hug and thank you soo much for the 15M love! 🌸Love you all too much 🐾
27 APR: While the illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn continues to plague several African countries, a relatively new phenomenon is emerging. Demand for donkey skins is on the rise - the gel found in the hides is in much demand in China, where it's used in traditional medicine. By some estimates, the population of donkeys has halved in the past 20 years, and this is having a profound effect on rural communities who depend on the animals for agriculture, transportation and other things. #Donkeys #Animals #Nature #SouthAfrica #Johannesburg #Africa #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews
#RecuerdoMarcador El dominicano Pedro Martínez celebrando su llegada al país luego de entrar al Salón de la Fama.
Rise and shine 🌝 Have a great day!!
Photo by @FransLanting Today we’re celebrating trees—it’s Arbor Day. I spent weeks inside Borneo’s tropical rain forest on assignment for @NatGeo to document its intricate natural history. One morning I took a helicopter up for an aerial perspective. When we rose above the canopy, my view expanded from single trees to the forest as a whole. I saw morning mist wafting through the treetops and envisioned the collective exhalation of these trees as the breath of a living planet. Trees are responsible for the air we breathe—what they exhale, we inhale. We are linked together in the cycle of life. Follow me @FransLanting for more images of our our amazing earth. @thephotosociety @natgeotravel @natgeocreative #Borneo #RainForest #Nature #Trees #ArborDay #NaturePhotography #jungleborneo
What's your take!? @Regrann from @balajimotionpictures - Here's what media has to say about the melodious song #ThodiDer. What's your take on it ? Link in bio #ShraddhaKapoor #arjunkapoor #halfgirlfriend #19thMay @shraddhakapoor @arjunkapoor - #regrann
#MarcadorMLB Los #Phillies ganaron su sexto juego en fila. Durante la racha Maikel Franco ha despertado bateando para .391 (23-9), 2HR y 10CI.
Thodi der out now! https://youtu.be/wD47LXbSoAU #HalfGirlfriend #ShraddhaKapoor #ArjunKapoor #mohitsuri #zeemusiccompany
#MarcadorMLB El dominicano Hector Neris se apuntó su (3) salvamento de la temporada.
And back to work! 🎤🎸🎧✔ #jamming
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