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I can't wait for you to see this on tomorrow. It might be my favorite episode ever. What a difference 20 years makes.
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"I remember once a seven- or eight-year-old son of ours jumping on his bed hard enough that I thought it might collapse. I felt a flash of frustration, and I moved quickly to set my house in order. I grabbed my son by his little shoulders and lifted him up to where our eyes met. "The Spirit put words into my mind. It seemed a quiet voice, but it pierced to my heart: 'You are holding a great person.' I gently set him back on the bed and apologized. "Now he has become the great man whom the Holy Ghost let me see 40 years ago. I am eternally grateful that the Lord rescued me from unkind feelings by sending the Holy Ghost to let me see a child of God as He saw him. "The unity we seek in our families and in the Church will come as we allow the Holy Ghost to affect what we see when we look at one another—and even when we think of each other. The Spirit sees with the pure love of Christ." —Henry B. Eyring
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