• Mon chat il saura faire ca mdrrr
    21-Apr-2017 16:45:21 PM
  • @sentiment7etrange tu va le dresser pour
    21-Apr-2017 17:40:15 PM
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🔻TAG 1-3HUSTLERS BELOW 🔻 The concept of going out every weekend. . Know how to utilize your weekend at a club to network and meet people who will bring value to your business life and mind all without having to sacrifice "FUN". . What I did from 21-25. Wherever you hear "$1 beers $3 mixed drinks"... don't fucking go. Because the type of people that show up to that venue are only going because it's a cheap way to get fucked up. I don't know 1 fucking successful person and I know a lot that ever stepped foot inside of a place that offers that. . Understand cheap drinks = trashy people who have no added value to your life except filling a seat. A venue that offers "$9 beers $20 mixed drinks" You slowly start to see that people around you are actually speaking full fucking English and not slurring every other word. Not only are they speaking they are dressed 💯 on point and carrying themselves very well. more than 70% of the people in this place have already added value to your mindset business, life and all you had to do was walk the fuck in. Meet 1 person every weekend at a place like this instead of 16 whores that you will never speak to 5 years from now. . I caught onto this concept from 21-25 . Spilt a drink on a guy at the club in NYC apologized and paid off his tab of $900 turns and hands me his business card and is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company who I still speak to today. Tipped 1 bartender $120 on a $200 tab. she asked me what I do and not even 1 week later sets me up a meeting with a $400M manufacturing company that I still do business with today. My network has grown year over year and still going. So I enjoyed every weekend going out spent thousands of dollars per year and now have built my network so vast I have a contact for just about anything you can think of with a 10x return on my "going out" investment. . See opportunity everywhere. If the only thing on your mind is getting laid every weekend then your shit is all fucked up. Stop surrounding yourself with people you know you aren't. For successful people money and nice watches are not impressive ... respect, loyalty, fire, accomplishments and added value are.. @amars_way
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Tag someone who needs to read this. We can't become what we need to be by remaining what we are. - Oprah Winfrey #powerofpositivity