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Incredible commitment among two friends. I salute you. #throwback ( @_kevinboner )
*hits blunt* ... when a blind person dreams.. what does he/she see?
Melbourne is so cold ☁️🌬😭 it's my last night here & I'll be at @oroton emporium at 6pm! 👋🏼 see you there 🤗
@mtrubisky10 has arrived in Philly... Next stop? We'll just have to wait and see! #NFLDraft
รับกาแฟสักถ้วยมั้ยครับจะได้ตื่นๆนะครับพี่น้อง ทำงานกับเรียนมันง่วงผมรู้สู้ๆทุกคน ~ #ยิ้มปลอมยอมใจ
Life rn
O Palmeiras venceu o Peñarol por 3 a 2. Confira a confusão após o apito final em @vsfutebolgols . 📱BAIXE NOSSO APP: Google Play: App Store:
#Yankees beat Red Sox 3-1 in Boston! Luis Severino throws 7 shutout innings & Aaron Judge mashes a 2-run bomb on his birthday to seal the victory! #YANKSonYES #MLB #NYY #Baseball
Sippin Pinot Noir & listening to Janet ⚡️
My only wish is that I could have seen you one last time to say goodbye.. love you ❤️
I need this😭 @bestumblrstories
Thanks for such a fun night, Charleston! 🤘🎸😂 // 📸 @clemente_310
Menciona el @ de tu crush para darle este beso 😘 #SomosChivas #PuroMexicano #DaleRebaño #UnidosSomosCA3RONES
Ernie taking shots at Chuck 😂 #InsidetheNBA
After a rocky and emotional 0-2 start for the Boston Celtics, they have now taken a 3-2 series lead against the Chicago Bulls with a 108-97 Game 5 win. Isaiah Thomas has stepped up through adversity to help continue to lead this team. He finished with 24 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and a steal. Keep on keepin' on!
comment your name letter by letter
T-shirt and jeans bc today was ALL work and no play 🤷🏼‍♀️😆
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