• @rsandy_luv hayyeee...😍😍 Bhukh lgvadi mote...
    22-Apr-2017 13:58:11 PM
  • 🤢
    22-Apr-2017 21:57:17 PM
  • I͛t͛s͛ a͛ b͛i͛t͛ l͛a͛t͛e͛ f͛o͛r͛ E͛a͛s͛t͛e͛r͛
    22-Apr-2017 22:30:41 PM
  • @_elena___official_ it's really not, it's just a very dense cak
    23-Apr-2017 05:40:24 AM
  • Awww no fair ! I want that 😍
    23-Apr-2017 13:25:45 PM
  • Wow... There are more bitchy people in this comment section than I thought🙃
    23-Apr-2017 19:47:23 PM
  • You sped it up faster than the original so you could put the follow lifehack animation at the end.
    23-Apr-2017 20:44:36 PM
  • Roses are 🌹, shout outs aren't cool😒 you just lost a follower👤 maybe even two 👥! Nobody likes them👎 nobody cares🙅 you never shout us out, it isn't fair 😭. You do it for that money💵 you do it for that fame 📷, just cut it out 👋, it's really lame. It should be stopped ✋️, it should be banned 📵, so there can be peace 🌅here on Instagram.Post this on every shoutout you see😜, to stop the shout out legancy.DM ME SO YOU DONT HAVE TOO TYPE ALL THIS
    23-Apr-2017 23:21:47 PM
  • somuuyyy
    24-Apr-2017 05:53:35 AM
  • Ricoo
    24-Apr-2017 05:53:54 AM
  • @julikocemba det er sådan ubeskriveligt klamt
    24-Apr-2017 15:07:18 PM
  • @evalucca ej føj
    24-Apr-2017 15:21:54 PM
  • Looks good but test like shit.
    25-Apr-2017 03:34:25 AM
  • @beroutirima شوفي
    25-Apr-2017 08:31:43 AM
  • 25-Apr-2017 17:53:57 PM
  • Didn't we use to eat this expired vanilla frosting till we got sick or was it just me? @jonita_kaur
    26-Apr-2017 06:12:33 AM
  • 27-Apr-2017 03:02:27 AM
  • @winterice11 what???
    27-Apr-2017 03:12:53 AM
  • 27-Apr-2017 03:19:47 AM
  • ❤❤👌
    28-Apr-2017 08:37:25 AM
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To the one who's stolen our hearts as Magnus Bane and our very own dance king... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @HarryShumJr. All the Shadow Love & delicious cake for you. 🍰 #Shadowhunters
With Judi Dench, who unveiled #blueplaque honouring Sir John Gielgud, which immediately tried to photobomb us.
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