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“Child marriage is a root cause for a lot of the issues that girls face,” says photojournalist Stephanie Sinclair ( @stephsinclairpix). Her ongoing 15-year series “Too Young to Wed” ( @tooyoungtowed) sheds light on the challenges girls face — cyclical poverty, curtailed education, psychological trauma, sexual violence and, at times, the transmission of HIV — when forced to marry at a young age. The work has taken her to numerous countries where the practice is common, including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Yemen. “While it has similarities in certain parts of the world, it has differences,” Stephanie says. “There’s different cultural nuances in each place.” Today in Washington, D.C., the International Women’s Media Foundation ( @theiwmf) is celebrating Stephanie with the Anja Niedringhaus Courage in Photojournalism Award. “It’s a little bit bittersweet because the award is in the name of a colleague whose life ended doing this work,” explains Stephanie. “It means even more to be recognized with an award with Anja’s name. We crossed paths several times in Iraq and Afghanistan. I just don’t want to go without saying — it means a lot.” Photo by @stephsinclairpix

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  • Keep fighting for the dignity and respect for all women!
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  • I've just finished reading Ayaan Hursi Ali's book Infidel. This photo tells the story of most young Muslim girls who are emotionally and physically abused.
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