• Wait but why not just use the site bottle
    01-May-2017 04:04:25 AM
  • 01-May-2017 08:20:31 AM
  • I'd rather go to dollar tree
    01-May-2017 13:41:42 PM
  • But how is that "crazy"? 😂😂I mean....?
    01-May-2017 13:42:23 PM
  • rather than fill water in the bottle u cut
    02-May-2017 04:00:51 AM
  • Just use a regular bottle
    02-May-2017 06:28:58 AM
  • The song please?
    02-May-2017 13:25:34 PM
  • Why not buy one
    02-May-2017 16:27:50 PM
  • $0.50 spray bottles at walmart...
    03-May-2017 03:07:11 AM
  • Or maybe you could just use the bottle that came with the sprayer
    03-May-2017 07:51:31 AM
  • guys chill he is just recycling cans plus he could use the bottle as a vase
    03-May-2017 12:39:23 PM
  • I bet this kid has kidney stones for drinking all that soda!!! Aahahahaha
    03-May-2017 17:10:11 PM
  • You know the sprayer came with a bottle so this is useless
    03-May-2017 23:15:56 PM
  • If you ever wanted to see the most pointless thing in life, here it is @fatimaiqbal13
    04-May-2017 07:48:46 AM
  • @dntafc ..........but why😭😭😭😭😭
    04-May-2017 21:13:18 PM
  • Why not just screw the sprayer on the coke bottle
    05-May-2017 00:28:42 AM
  • So redneck looking :P
    05-May-2017 17:12:07 PM
  • It's cool...but why? Just use the other bottle 😂
    08-May-2017 20:16:53 PM
  • 09-May-2017 04:18:10 AM
  • ?????
    09-May-2017 19:22:01 PM
  • WHY NOT JUST USE THE SPRAYER?! This is so painfully pointless
    10-May-2017 09:54:15 AM
  • @jennyandthebetss this one whyyyy
    11-May-2017 01:29:22 AM
  • Why not just use the spray bottle the sprayer thing came with?
    12-May-2017 04:56:05 AM
  • Or just screw the sprayer into the coke bottle of you wanna do something this useless for less work
    12-May-2017 04:57:03 AM
  • All these diy and "lifehack" account literally just use basic ideas and steal ideas from each other. And when they all run out of ideas, they do useless and dumb things like these
    12-May-2017 04:58:15 AM
  • What title song
    13-May-2017 01:59:02 AM
  • Is magic😮😮😮😮😮😮
    13-May-2017 08:18:03 AM
  • I hope they drank the coke
    13-May-2017 10:36:49 AM
  • @jussara_daquino @nivia2222 Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Essa é TOP
    14-May-2017 03:48:08 AM
  • This Seems Awesome
    17-May-2017 09:31:53 AM
  • Omgggggg
    19-May-2017 23:43:32 PM
  • Wts the song in background
    20-May-2017 20:37:57 PM
  • Wow! This is so awesome! Because It's not like you can use an actual bottle or anything
    23-May-2017 03:51:59 AM
  • @its.khxl you a hero
    24-May-2017 00:55:46 AM
  • They already had a spray bottle💀
    17-Jun-2017 22:18:28 PM
  • Stupid
    29-Jun-2017 02:03:07 AM
  • Спасибо, теперь всегда так делаю
    31-Jul-2017 15:33:52 PM
  • Cool
    20-Aug-2017 05:50:08 AM
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