• Well that's a quare lump of shite
    22-Apr-2017 17:26:24 PM
  • More time consuming and less effective crayons. 👍
    22-Apr-2017 18:43:46 PM
  • 22-Apr-2017 22:44:08 PM
  • What even are these DIY's anymore
    22-Apr-2017 23:35:27 PM
  • it worked for me 🤷🏻‍♀️
    22-Apr-2017 23:40:28 PM
  • they didnt create this diy btw guys :)
    22-Apr-2017 23:41:00 PM
  • Were these people too poor to actually get a bowl😂😂😂
    23-Apr-2017 02:05:45 AM
  • @camthedoor au cas où t'avais rien à faire demain voici un projet
    23-Apr-2017 03:30:35 AM
  • That's not a hack
    23-Apr-2017 04:33:58 AM
  • @emily_cordelia us at guides with the scout's crayons
    23-Apr-2017 14:41:27 PM
  • 23-Apr-2017 15:16:57 PM
  • Thanks a lot it burnt and it smells bad, great
    24-Apr-2017 01:01:08 AM
  • Cool
    24-Apr-2017 13:47:49 PM
  • @daniel.hayes_ what a lifehack
    24-Apr-2017 21:39:35 PM
  • how is this hacking life?
    25-Apr-2017 04:42:05 AM
  • Ye @scottgarrvie ahhaha
    25-Apr-2017 15:01:09 PM
  • Loe your vidioes
    26-Apr-2017 17:07:22 PM
  • Idiotic
    27-Apr-2017 03:38:35 AM
  • what is the use if you just can use the old crayons and just draw over the colors
    27-Apr-2017 18:31:11 PM
  • Wouldn't it catch on fire the tin foil
    27-Apr-2017 19:38:32 PM
  • Thats so smart!
    27-Apr-2017 19:45:08 PM
  • @adina._.rajput humny kitna bnaya tha 😂😂
    27-Apr-2017 22:16:48 PM
  • @ramsha.amir 😂😂😂
    27-Apr-2017 22:18:22 PM
  • Crayons cost 2$ aud at coles😂
    28-Apr-2017 07:36:51 AM
  • I have done this a lot when I was little
    29-Apr-2017 11:18:56 AM
  • @baiisofficial2 ummm...its just Beautiful.and the colors will be mix and it is aort of cool
    29-Apr-2017 12:03:09 PM
  • This is a DIY not a hack
    29-Apr-2017 14:39:05 PM
  • 30-Apr-2017 16:06:22 PM
  • Now eat
    01-May-2017 08:05:37 AM
  • 01-May-2017 18:51:04 PM
  • Aw
    02-May-2017 16:29:03 PM
  • U can't do that
    02-May-2017 16:45:07 PM
  • U can't put tinfoil in the microwave or oven
    02-May-2017 16:45:32 PM
  • Ku sukak
    04-May-2017 10:37:49 AM
  • Hqha
    04-May-2017 13:34:37 PM
  • @bagjadwiandy spinner dri ini nah
    09-May-2017 14:09:50 PM
  • @thlytalaiiill ini bisa
    11-May-2017 13:55:33 PM
  • @ashley.carleton you can put it in the oven. Just not the microwave
    12-May-2017 04:59:45 AM
  • I did that same idea once for Valentine's Day at school! ❤️
    08-Jun-2017 15:00:52 PM
  • This is very cool
    20-Aug-2017 05:51:11 AM
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