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Waving along 🌊 Follow @Gym.legends - - - - (📷: @bezerra)
Which squat suits you the most? Repost by @dr.jacob.harden - - 🔵Low bar? If you struggle with keeping your ankle flat on the ground (Poor dorsi flexion) then low bar probably isn't for you. This form of squats also requires a greater hip mobility which causes the individual to lean forward. This also means that the centre of mass in further than a normal high bar squat. Usually people can squat 5-10% more weight with low bar than high bar. - - 🔵High Bar? This squat is performed with a more upright torso and therefore athletes can go few inches deeper. If you are have mediocre ankle/hip mobility and are new you to training then you are best off doing high bar. - - 🔵Front squat? Front squat requires very high ankle mobility. This type of squat requires more mobility than other squats as wrist mobility, shoulder mobility and thoracic spine are also important. Therefore, front squats are usually performed by more advanced athletes as not many athletes are flexible enough to execute a textbook front squat from the get-go. - - - #powerlifting #Fitness #squat #deadlift #nutrition #bodybuilding #bench #anklemobility
☀️☀️☀️ What a beautiful sunny day! Have a good day guys! 😊👍🏼 ––––––––––––––– #__iamnico__ #summer
@anna_mcmanamey - Results are only as good as your mindset. If you are constantly talking yourself down, doubting your abilities, criticising and picking yourself to pieces, how can you possibly expect to create a better body and build a better life? If you enter the game with a defeatist attitude, you might as well forfeit then and there, because a negative mindset will never produce a positive result. So think positively, be the optimist, become a champion of your thoughts and success is inevitable. #makeithappen #motivation #photooftheday #strong #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #determination #nofilter #competitor #competeharder #npcmets #abs #aesthetics #dedication #fit #girls #girlswithmuscle #gymmotivation #picoftheday #instagood #theshowcasepage
😎 My #bladerunner moment... •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🖤 I always love a good #rooftop view and the air feels great, but please recommend a strong (non crusty) hair product so I can control these flyaways! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 📷 @philipwarp (May 12, 2017) #Brooklyn #NYC #NewYorkCity #NY #NewYork #StreetStyle #MyWorldIsYourOysterStyle
vay vay vay )))))
Hello from the gym👋🏼 picture from yesterday☺️💁🏽 have a beautiful day everyone☀️💕
➖True denim journey➖ Its all about enjoying what you do😁 Had an amazing last weekend in Münster with my niece @celinarii and shooted this casual denim outfit by @mustangjeans_official. We were at the Aasee in Münster and had so much fun at this lake☀️ It was the perfect look for this sunny day and location. Check out @mustangjeans_official #MUSTANGstyle #truedenim #truedenimjourney #ad #sponsored Today I get a fresh new hair cut by @angelo_milano_88 at @dashikrasnici in Düsseldorf Wish you all a nice hump day 😊 __________ #denimwear #münster #vibes #bluewear #allaboutdenim #casuallook #menstyles #stylesformen #ootd #outfitformen #menswear #menstyles #gentswithstyle #guyswithstyle #menswardrobe #menwithstreetstyle #mwstyles #shirt #havanateeshirt #mustangwear #menstyles
A little raw shoulder footage 👉🏽 Laterals (10 reps) straight into Shrug N Press (10 reps) - 4 sets. Brutallllll comment below if you try it 😅😅😅😈😈 #OUCH #HURTSTYPING
#MacroFriendly Cheese Pizza Topped Turkey, Ham & Cheddar Low Carb Hot Pockets!! 🍕🍕🍕 - Tag a friend who loves Hot Pockets & Pizza!! - Macros for the WHOLE pizza topped hot pocket: 218 Cals, 18g Carbs, 3g Fat, 33g Protein! - So make sure to check out the Macro Magician Club via the link in my bio because it will get you access to this exact recipe along with 120+ of my latest and greatest recipes!! - Thanks and God Bless, - Zach - FlexibleDietingLifestyle.com - #FlexibleDietingLifestyle #IfItFitsYourLifestyle
Couldn't have had a more exciting and sucessful day! 🔝 Slept less than 3 hours and been going non-stop ever since this morning! Such inspiring and valueble meetings with top investors and entreprenuers working on the most exciting project I've ever got myself into! #buildingsomethinggreat . Photo: @hampusforssander 📸
No matter what happens, never lose hope my friends. Keep that positivity to a maximum level and live as there is no tomorrow ✌️👔
The full tour of this beautiful bright white space by @lada_webster is over on @lonnymag right now, go take a peek ✨
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Sharing tips for getting that summer bod on adoubledose.com today👙 #linkinbio How fun is this workout gear? I'm obsessed with the cutouts on the top + these lace up leggings! Wore them for yoga @exhalespa and they were perfect & not see through🙌🏻 (wearing smallest size in all pieces) // Screenshot or 'like' this pic to shop the product details from the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app or at adoubledose.com/Instagram http://liketk.it/2rtds #liketkit @liketoknow.it #adoubledose
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